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Co-operatives UK Workers Co-op Weekend May 10th-12th 2019 (2)
Outlandish Party January 25th (3)
CoTech and Happy Dev meetup in France? (8)
19 Feb, London: Platform co-ops: solving the capital conundrum (2)
Wednesday 28th November 2018: Housing Co-Ops and Tech Co-Ops: Combining the Movements (10)
CoTech/Tech Co-ops meet up at 35c3 Chaos Communications Congress (6)
FSB Hackney Business Breakfast 28th November (1)
Meaning conference in Brighton - November 15th (8)
A little UK co-op tour (17)
Infrastructure People: FOSDEM+CfgMgmgtCamp CFPs (1)
Life with Muggles - Returns for October (1)
The Finance Innovation Lab - ideation events (1)
Convention Against Neoliberalism Planning Group Invite (1)
Campaign Lab IV - Help model the impact of austerity on election results (1)
OPEN 2018 - Platform Co-op Conference (12)
Experts is user journey mapping? (2)
Birmingham Tech Co-ops (2)
CoTech at EMF Camp, August 2018 ( 2 ) (27)
Looking for someone from CoTech to talk about Computer Sciences / the philosophy of the internet (1)
Looking for someone to talk about tech and LGBTQ+ issues (3)
South Birmingham Co-op Meetup Tonight (1)
Pizza afternoon at Sanford Housing Co-op, Saturday 28 July 2018 (16)
Oggcamp festival 2018 (18)
EuroPython (Edinburgh, 23-29th July 2018) (4)
Workshops for Decentralised Organising in July (3)
Ethical Careers Fair and Conference at SOAS (16)
Network Convergence event (6)
CoTech Hack: Thursday 21st-Saturday 23rd June, London (10)