SPACE4 Discussion - How Can We Fund the Resistance?


How Can We Fund the Resistance?

Wed 13 Sep 2023 at 18:30 | Eventbrite

Unifying the populace and taking back control of our workplaces and common-spaces

Ever been enraged by the level of inequality, but felt powerless to do anything about it? Ever wished your local pub/shop was owned by the community and not a faceless corporation? Ever dreamt about telling your boss to f*** off and starting your own business?

If you have, then join us for this discussion to explore how, by pooling our financial and social resources, we can buy back community assets, start worker owned businesses (worker cooperatives) and organise across class boundaries.

This is a SPACE4 discussion event where we invite speakers to discuss and debate topics around tech for good, progressive economics, and left-leaning politics.

Drinks and refreshments provided. We are grateful to be funded by the Disrupt Foundation.


Hannah Pearce is part of The Class Work Project, a workers’ co-operative developing theory, analysis, and practice around issues relating to class identity, oppression, and stigma in Britain and beyond.

Dave Boyle is part of the Community Shares Company. Community Shares are the future of finance for community businesses, social enterprises and charities.

Sion Whellens is part of SolidFund which supports workers to own and control their own livelihoods. This is worker cooperation.