Monthly Meet Up (online) for Community Tech community of practice

Hey folks Roseanna here from Promising Trouble. I’d like to invite you to join us at our first Community Tech: monthly meet up (online).


The community of practice is a network and a programme for anyone who is interested in how tech can benefit their community.

This is an opportunity to connect with each other and have meaningful discussions that will shape the future of our community of practice. We want to provide a relaxed space in which to come together and hear from you how we can best serve you and your communities.

During this one-hour session, we have planned an interactive and participatory agenda that will allow you to actively contribute and learn from one another.

More details and registration: Community Tech: monthly meet up Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

Hope to meet some of you there x


Couldn’t make the June meeting but keep us posted about other events - really interested to find out more about Community Tech.

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Just saw this and went to check when the next dates were, but i found that Eventbrite had ended the event, so i couldn’t see when the meet-up is taking place.

I’m not sure how Eventbrite handles events with multiple dates when booking them, but i wasn’t able to find the details of the August meet-up.

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TY for sorting out the next events. :smiley:

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Hi Louise sorry for the slow reply, I’d missed this notification. I hope you are good. We now have all the community tech meet ups online and available to book onto :pray:t4: Events — Community Tech Hope to see you at September event perhaps!

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You’re so welcome. Been good to see you Billy! Hopefully see you in September :sparkles: