SPACE4 Discussion - Gameful + Playful Design: Having Fun in Serious Settings


Gameful + Playful Design: Having Fun in Serious Settings

Thu 28 Sep 2023 at 18:30 | Eventbrite

The intersecting horrors of capitalism, technology and social injustice can keep us stuck, focused on serious work inside of systems that are oppressive and destructive. This can really drain the opportunities for joyful, playful, and life-affirming work inside of these complex contexts.

SPACE4 is excited to be hosting fractals co-op for this event. They support organisations making radical social change using the tools of facilitation, research, and service design. They help communities and organisations to imagine and build just, sustainable, and playful futures.

They use gameful and playful methods to help teams work together, explore possible futures, and engage stakeholders in complex systems and topics. They’ve used games, card decks, maps, and strange activities to facilitate and design with local authorities, policymakers, gig economy couriers, and young people. In this session, they’re looking to share that practice with you.

They’ll be talking about some of the gameful and playful projects they’ve worked on, including:

  • Meal Deal, a card game designed to put players in the shoes of gig economy cycle couriers and
  • Fractured Signals, a self-reflection tool that uses game mechanics to help care workers learn and build on their own practice.

Whether you’re working with products, services or policies, this session will share some practical insights about how they use games so you can work them into your own teams and processes.

fractals co-op will be serving dinner during this event and giving away copies of Meal Deal, the Outside the Box design provocation booklet, critical tea towels, and fractured signals.