CoTech Winter Gathering 2023

Hello everyone!

Creative Coop would like to propose a CoTech gathering later this year in Colchester, perhaps November or early December time. This is initially just to get an expression of interest to see people’s thoughts and to gauge the level interest.

We are thinking of a 1 day event or possibly a 1.5 day event. We have done some early research our end on venues and places to stay etc. so we are a little ahead on this and we have venues in mind. In theory there would be places for us to be based, for people to stay, and options for food and drink all within close walking distance from each other. One venue we are thinking of has a new veggie/vegan coop cafe within the building that is launching in September. We were meaning to post about it in the spring for a summer gathering however things got very busy our end so it was good timing when Louise and Chris got in touch.

Having chatted with Louise, my understanding is that part of the event would also be an opportunity to discuss the proposals for the relationship between and CoTech in person that come from the assembly and discussions after. We have been thinking about some other topics that could be added into the mix too, and would, of course, welcome ideas.

Anyway, in the meantime let me know what you think about a CoTech in Colchester towards the end of the year?



From Code-Operative, we’d love this and very much in favour of it happening!


Heya Ben, this sounds amazing and we would really like to try and come! We are also planning an in person event on either the 29th/30th Nov or 1st December (will know by end of next week the final date) so wonder if we can make it work and not clash/be on the same week, or we just accept it clashes :sweat_smile: these things happen!

I work with Promising Trouble and Power to Change stewarding a network and programme exploring Community Tech and our members want more in person events, so we’re responding by putting on a get together. It will be in Manchester so potentially drawing a different crowd and so maybe there’s no issue with clashes. Thought I’d comment and at least link us up so we can stay in touch about things, if you’re happy to do so.


Amazing, bring it on!

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Hello Roseanna,

Thanks for getting in touch. Location wise I imagine we will attract people from Manchester way too. We are checking out dates for venues we have in mind but 1st December looks unlikely our end. The event sounds interesting, it would be good to know more about it.


Hey John, Great stuff!

In order to gage interest a little better I’m thinking to send out a few direct messages to usual suspects to get a better indication of interest. I know people can miss stuff on the forum as I’m very guilty of that myself. I’ll touch touch base with Szczepan too and we can maybe draw up a list between us


Heya Ben, thanks for this. We now have our date locked in - Wed 29 November so sounds like there won’t be a clash after all! I’ll be sure to share details about it on here when we have them. Looking forward to hearing more about the CoTech gathering too and hoping to come along.


Sounds great Ben - look forward to it!


Greets @Ben do you think that start of December is still a go?

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Hello everyone, sorry for the late response and lack of recent update.

From a combination of the dates being tricky (we could of only do the last week of November), clashes with other events and us being super busy plus also moving to a new studio in November which has turned out to need a lot of planning being listed building we would like to propose a spring gathering next year.

We will then be settled and it gives us time to plan a spring meet up with lots of warning in advance for people to arrange the date. We can make some solid plans and have the location and catering pretty much all set up from before.

Sorry this isn’t great news as I know some of you were really looking forward to this, but let me know what you think?


Also are any of you going to the Workers coop Autumn Assembly next week?

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Yes, I’ll see you there!

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Unfortunately cannot make it so looking forward to Spring already!