SPACE4 Discussion: Eaten by the Internet | FUTURES Podcast Live

Eaten by the Internet | FUTURES Podcast Live

Thu 29 Feb 2024 at 18:30 | Eventbrite

SPACE4 has proudly teamed up with Housmans Bookshop and the FUTURES Podcast to present this series of live events.

In this first session we’ll be hosting Dr. Corinne Cath and Dr. Fieke Jansen to talk about the politics of internet infrastructure - the theme of their newest book Eaten by the Internet.

Eaten by the Internet makes internet infrastructure visible as a force of political power, transforming the social world from the bottom up. It is made up of fifteen chapters, contributed by a global set of researchers, activists, and techies.

Dr. Cath is the editor of Eaten by the Internet. She is a cultural anthropologist studying the politics of Internet infrastructure and cloud computing. Her current focus is on the adequacy of existing EU technology policy efforts that touch on cloud computing.

Dr. Jansen is one of the contributors to the book. She is a tech skeptic, researcher, educator and advocate on the impact of technology on society. Her research interest is to understand how the material impact of expending infrastructures is shaping the management, distribution, and depletion of natural resources.

Dr. Cath and Dr. Jansen will be in conversation with Luke Robert Mason who hosts the FUTURES Podcast - a show that explores the topics of artificial intelligence, human enhancement, space travel and virtual reality. Mason is a British-born futures theorist who is passionate about engaging the public with emerging scientific theories and technological developments.

Eaten by the Internet is published by Meatspace Press, an independent publisher translating academic research on tech to real life, or “meatspace”. You can order your copy of Eaten by the Internet here, or download a free copy of the pdf here.

This is a SPACE4 discussion event where we invite speakers to discuss and debate topics around tech for good, progressive economics, and left-leaning politics.

Drinks and refreshments provided. We are grateful to be funded by the Disrupt Foundation.

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