SPACE4 Discussion: Why Should We Grow the Community Energy Sector?

Why Should We Grow the Community Energy Sector?

Thu 08 Feb 2024 at 18:30 | Eventbrite

Community energy is about people and communities taking democratic control over their energy future, by understanding, generating, using, owning and saving energy in their communities, as well as working together across regions and nationally.

The sector appears to offer a route towards systemic change in the energy sector and beyond; community energy projects are predominantly organised as cooperatives with shared benefits (collectively owned and controlled), they organise people into action in their own communities, and they prioritise the creation of renewable energy and education around it.

But what do these projects actually look like? How do they work? And can they really contribute to solving our multifaceted crises - climate, cost of living, economic?

In collaboration with Repowering London, this event brings together stakeholders in the community energy sector to answer these questions and advocate for the sector’s importance.


Éva Goudouneix is Community Development Manager at Repowering London, an organisation co-creating renewable energy projects led and owned by Londoners. She will facilitate the panel of speakers.

Power Up North London is a group of committed volunteers in North London who work with local communities to fund, install, own and manage their own low-carbon energy solutions. They will speak about the power of this collective action to tackle the impacts of climate change and to build resilient communities.

Other speakers TBC

This is a SPACE4 discussion event where we invite speakers to discuss and debate topics around tech for good, progressive economics, and left-leaning politics.

Drinks and refreshments provided. We are grateful to be funded by the Disrupt Foundation.