Co-op Hackathon in October - updated info, + proposal deadline 20/9

Hi folks

Great to see the ideas coming in for the Co-op Hackathon (19 & 20 October in London).

A reminder that the deadline for proposals is 20th September, but general registration stays open until end of play 18th October.

You can join in with a proposal or product, or by contributing your skills, or by attending the presentations, and there are some travel bursaries available.

More info here, and hope to see you there



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Hello there :wave:

While we are hoping that CoTech winter gathering will go ahead, we are also looking forward to other opportunities to meet co-operators either in person or online. We recently sent a couple of ideas to Co-ops UK Hackathon:

The idea not mentioned on the website is a small web-app where people can post their stories of finding their way to a co-op, it’s called We have a functional proof of concept (and the domain!) but would like to use the hackathon day to add some features and push it live so people can start sharing their journeys! The idea first came about when co-operators from Argentina were visiting various UK co-ops in 2019 (also attended the gathering in Sheffield). Hopefully people from international community will contribute code as well as their stories remotely. What about you CoTech people, have you got any time to join us on Friday 20th of September, be it in person or online?

We will be most likely hanging out on Patio’s Mattermost: if you fancy joining let us know!


Updated link has the full list of projects: Innovative projects announced for the Co-op Hackathon | Co-operatives UK :eyes:


Whoever wants to get involved in working on :railway_track: on Friday the 20th - please post here and we will share access to the real-time communication channel! :pager:


It was a fun kick-off of the hackathon last night with lots of interesting projects!

There’s a slack channel for the event but might just use Patio’s Mattermost instance… Please DM if you want to access!

Here’s the repo which will have some issues created in a couple hours: GitHub - animorphcoop/journey-coop: A community platform for sharing the life events that led people to join co-ops across the globe.


There are currently 9 issues if anyone’s keen to contribute remotely today: Issues · animorphcoop/journey-coop · GitHub

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The website is live now, please share your story!

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