CoTech Space4 gathering 29-30th November 2018


Hi Everyone,

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…

We would like to invite everyone who belongs to a CoTech coop to spend a couple of days here at Space4 on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th November.

This event is intended as a gathering for us to review the last year and create plans for the coming year, make important decisions, work on projects that will advance CoTech, and get to know each other and each coops work better.

We intend for this event to be structured enough so that there is lots covered, and loose enough so that people can vote with their feet about how to spend the time.

Some people have put forward ideas for sessions already. I’ll follow up with those people individually. We also envision that there will be some key decisions/discussions to be had that will probably be of interest to all members to participate in. These may require some facilitation and a few people in the network have already put themselves forward for doing this. Currently we are not planning to pay for formal facilitation for this event as a whole.

As well as work sessions, I will also be organising some opportunities for people to socialise over lunch, dinner and drinks. I will also look into local hotels to see who has the best prices and will inform people accordingly.

You can see the responses to the questionnaire I put out here:

I know there are some people keen to organise events outside of London, and more residential etc. All that would be great to see happen. My personal feeling is that a Northern/non-London event would be better at a different time, so that people have the option to attend both if they wish to. However, I think that decision is ultimately up to the people taking on the organisation.

I’m also aware that we have had some responses from people who are not in a CoTech co-op. My initial reaction is that as long as people have skills and ideas to contribute, that they are welcome to attend some hack or info sessions. However, it would be inappropriate for those people to be participating in any decision making. Please chip in here if you have more ideas about that.

Please watch this space for more details as I start to shape the agenda, and get in touch here or on if you would like to input more or have questions etc.

Looking forward to hosting you.


2018 Wortley Hall (or wherever): Planning inside CoTech

Amazing, thanks @polly! I agree with the participation vs decision making for non CoTech members.

Looking forward to it and seeing all those who can make it.

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Glorious indeed, can’t wait! We’d be definitely interested to develop some web VR on/pro co-ops but open to join other groups!


Nice one @polly ! really looking forward to this

2018 Wortley Hall (or wherever): Planning inside CoTech

Yay, we’ll be there, see y’all soon :slight_smile:


Thanks sososo much to all the people involved in organising this.


Sounds great, thanks @polly, see you there!


Hey everyone,

Quick update…

I have today sent an email round to people who have volunteered to ‘lead’ a session. The aim is for them each to get back to me with a quick description, so that everyone else can organise themselves into groups and arrive on the day knowing what they’d like to participate in. I am hoping to have you all the information about the different hack teams in the next week or so, so that people can start preparing. I will put them up here, and am planning to add a page to too. Each hack will be happening throughout the 2 days and we very much hope you will join one.

I have also emailed those who have said they will lead a discussion. I imagine that most discussions will take about an hour, and these will be timetabled. There’ll be some open time for people who want to do other discussions which aren’t yet scheduled. We’ll also find a way for people to give updates about their co-ops, as this was a popular option.

There will be a decision making session at the end of each day. This will be for CoTech members only, and will be high-level decisions, and decisions that the hack teams need answering to progress. We plan to use sociocracy to make these sessions focused and quick.

Other stuff:
We’ll open up each morning with a quick briefing and update.
I’ll update you soon re socials etc.


Yo! I read this back last night and it all sounds a bit dictatorial :japanese_goblin: Of course, please do chip in here if there’s something you’d like to add or discuss. And it’s not too late to take on running sessions etc. You can also email or message me directly :slight_smile: