Making contact with other tech co-ops outside of the UK?


We are here now!! :smile:


Hi everyone! As Neto we are part of Facttic and Cambá…

I love this topic to keep in touch with other cooperatives.
Recently at Facttic we started to visit other cooperatives near us: Devecoop, Tecso, Fiqus, Gcoop…
We are taking trainings together (UX, ReactJs, Cooperativism, and whatever we think is usefull)
That helps us to make stronger our relationships…

Also, the last month we make a call online (video included!) with Sassafras from USA.
This meeting was great! We show them our office and share some topics about beeing a cooperative:
-New owner-workers entering at the cooperative
-Labour Culture dinamics (we are 27, so it’s different to be 4, for example)
-Techonologies that we work at
-Distribution and salary

So, maybe we could try something like this to be in contact… :wink:

Do you ever call another coop in a “lets know each other” intention?
(sorry for my english, I hope that question could be understood)


I just saw this! Sorry Chris, l have been pretty busy on projects recently so haven’t engaged much, as you might have noticed. Good that they’ve been in touch though :slight_smile:


Oh gawd l just realised that was in January. Ah well, we’re all friends now so it’s all good.


Hey @solverniers :slight_smile:

I got in touch with Neto after he posted a little while ago because l am going to be in Buenos Aires in January and would love to come and see you. I think we’re having a call some time in December so l would be happy to show you around Outlandish and maybe Space4.

Really nice to hear from you, I’m going to visit you mid January so hopefully we get to meet in person. Saludos


That sounds great, perhaps we could also schedule a international video chat for everybody to say hi during our gathering 29-30th November 2018?

CoTech Gathering 2018: Shared Hosting and Infrastructure
CoTech Space4 gathering 29-30th November 2018

Sounds like a great idea!


They are a cooperative in Argentina aiming to create a space where workers’ cooperatives can communicate, help each other, educate each other in using technologies, influence policies and legislation that support cooperatives. They look great.

All the best, Elnura


Hi everyone! Thanks for your beautiful welcome!
I will be here in January @Kayleigh !!we are looking forward to receive you, visited us and maybe show you some part of the city and cultural life :smiley:
We are near the central part of the city, so it’s easy to visit us and get a place. Also we can improve a kind of cooperative-couchsurfing if you need.

I love the idea of a international video chat @chris .
I would like to communicate that to sassafras if you already have a time for the call? (anyway I already tell them about the forum, so I hope they join us soon)

Thanks for your appreciation @Elnura Where are you from? :slight_smile:


We have a two day gathering in London, 29-30th November and I was thinking that a video call during that might be good as there would be a lot of people to say hi to each other, does sound like it might work?


Hey everyone,

Yes sounds like a nice idea. Are you GMT -3 @solverniers?


Hi everyone!

29/11 works for us, preferably on our morning (GMT-3), but we can adapt to another schedule.

On November 30th some of us are going to participate at the protest against the G20 meeting in Buenos Aires…


Hi sorry not to get back to you on this.

I can schedule it in for 4pm GMT? Or else we could do it around 7pm which will be when we have finished the hack for the day and we’re beginning our social.

I guess it depends a bit on the scope of the call - if it’s to really discuss work stuff I think 4pm is best. If it’s more just to say hi I would suggest 7pm (by which time people will be a bit more relaxed because work for the day will be finished).

@chris are you taking the lead on the call? What timing do you think is best?


I’m hoping not to have to take the lead on the call… but I guess I could if necessary, do you have the necessary hardware, microphone(s), camera, speaker(s)?

I’d suggest that the time would need to work with @solverniers and others outside the UK and we should be flexible to fit them in, if possible.


Hi @chris and @polly

Thanks for look forward our call…

We could take the call during the day at the time you consider the best. Maybe 7pm as you mention before could be ok for me and @Neto

One issue that I want to mention: Since G20 is taking place in Argentina, we will have some restrictions to be at the office (we are near Government Buildings).

So…It’s probably that we will make a short video with all the cooperative greetings on Wednesday.

Thats why the 29th only Neto and I will join the call at the time you prefer.


@solverniers I will schedule the call for 7pm on 29th. So that is 4pm for you I believe.

@chris I have all the necessary tech and I am happy to set the call up. I guess I just want to make sure that there are enough people from our side to participate in the call to make sure that it is productive :slight_smile:

Obviously great to see everyone’s faces and exchange messages of mutual support. But is there any kind of agenda for the call?




I propose the following topics:

  • Inter-cooperative projects: In FACTTIC we’re running some inter-cooperative projects for external clients, maybe we can exchange some experiences about that.
  • ICA IT Network: as I mentioned in other thread, we’re working on the creation of the IT Network, we can exhange some thoughts about that and think strategies for the near future.
  • Clients and Projects: ¿what kind of clients do you have?(companies, government, institutions, etc.) ¿what kind of projects? (fixed price, time and materials, etc)

reading what I wrote I think it’s a lot for one meeting :grimacing:, but even if we do not touch all the themes it’s a good starting point… ¿what do you think?


Sounds like a good agenda to me, also the ICA now have their own Discourse server (but none of the messages are public and it appears that accounts have to be manually approved), this was originally posted to the US based tech-coop list:

The ICA (International Cooperative Alliance) is forming a network about IT.

And for that, we put online a discourse to discuss and articulate joint actions.

The idea is to make the first face-to-face meeting at the next ACI assembly.

It would be good, for all of us to participate.


It appears that the 2019 ICA General Assembly will be in the Americas but it appears that the location and date are still to be confirmed.


yes, the discourse is hosted by FACTTIC. I’m not sure if the non public messages are due to an ICA policy, but I think that we can modify that if it’s necessary… maybe your experience with this forum could help on the discussion