CoTech skills mapping session at the gathering


Having just had a useful discussion with @harry, one of the points Harry was stressing was putting some kind of quantification on how good someone is at any particular skill, rather than just listing minor interests equally with expert specialisms. One of the things we could discuss, alongside the basic structure for a skills framework, would be some kind of peer rating system, which should work much better for us as co-operating co-ops than it would do for competitive capitalist companies. Of course, to do this absolutely needs us to have a shared vocabulary (or taxonomy, or dare I say it ontology) and one of the things I’d like to focus on is how to create and (flexibly) maintain that vocabulary, as a commons.

But I write this without further consultation with @jdaviescoates, so please Josef feel free to disagree or add your own slant on this. What is clear from discussion with Harry is that it’s not practical to require everyone to attend a short session. It would be helpful, but maybe not helpful enough, given that many co-ops aren’t going to be there. So we can focus on the principles, the framework, and the processes (including motivations) for getting co-op members to fill in something that could be a real help to potential clients.

CoTech Space4 gathering 29-30th November 2018
CoTech Website improvement session at the gathering

That’s an interesting matter! We’ve had lots of discussions about that at Happy Dev. We’ve decided to start with a declarative approach, where we can list skills and set a level (with only a few ones in “expert” and a lot if you like in “interested in”). This is completed by the list of people with whom one has worked before, which is probably the most important as it enables you to call them and ask if they recommend them. Peer rating is an interesting idea, but we fear it can be quite destructive if not used appropriately. We thought we would move slowly into it.

Looking forward to discussing that during the hack!