CoTech Newsletter: September 2020. Read it here!

CoTech Newsletter September 2020

The long-anticipated return of the CoTech Newsletter is upon us! We hope that it will bring you a little feeling of community amidst the carnage of COVID :slight_smile:

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Contributing To The Newsletter

Featured Coop(s)

This month three new co-ops joined CoTech!

Preston Digital Foundation

We are a Digital Worker-owned co-operative operating out of the University of Central Lancashire, the first UNI-Coop we believe.

The Preston Digital Foundation specialises in the Web Site and App design and development, AR / VR, Media production (inc. Drones) and other relevant digital services. We are B2B and service the University and the Local Digital industry currently, but with a CoTech membership, who knows!?

Dandelion Collective

We’re a not-for-profit worker co-operative. Our flagship project is, a web platform for ticketed events and co-created gatherings.

We also offer visual media and filmmaking services through Triptika Studios, and event promotion and production services through The Psychedelic Society.

Clear Honest Design

We’re an ethical design agency that think important issues should be clearer, more honest, and a whole lot more effective - we think that’s the way to really make a difference, that’s what we do … and we’re pretty good at it.

More information on website

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CoTech agrees to adopt Hubl

Since at least November 2018 skills mapping, and skills sharing has been on the agenda amongst CoTech discussions. Hubl is an open-source application, built using Solid and Linked Data standards, to provide an interopable and decentralised method for sharing skills within CoTech, with Happy Dev, FACTTIC, and co-operative organisations beyond.

Hubl is in the Alpha stage of development, and provides 3 features out of the box:

  1. Team chat
  2. Profile directory
  3. Job board

More features are coming, and we fully expect that in the coming months we may extend the application to cater for CoTech-specific needs

In a recent Loomio proposal it was passed that CoTech will try out using the software, and that a Community Animation Working group, open for all CoTech members to join will measure its success, with the wider goal of improving engagement within CoTech as a whole. This newsletter is a part of that, so thanks for reading!

CoTech using

Since early 2020, Co-Operatives from around the world have been working to create an online platform that provides access to open source meeting and conferencing tools, powered by BigBlueButton.

The Online Meeting Co-operative operates on voluntary membership, where anyone can join as either an operational or user member. Currently in their BETA stage, aim to define their brand for all the world to see in the coming weeks.

Melissa McNab, designer and voluntary member of, said “Working with has been great to see how forming an international alliance of tech co-ops can work so collaborativelly in such a short space of time, providing a better solution that the citizens of the internet deserve.”

Read more here:
Join the discussion here:
And see our progress here:

Code-Operative and ACORN release Alpha version of Red Alert app

Since 2019, Code-Operative and ACORN launched a crowdfunder campaign to fund the development of a cross-platform mobile app, allowing members of the community union to broadcast their locations to eachother in an emergency, so that they can converge and assist each other.

It’s build with React Native, using a .NET backend. The code will be available open-source soon:tm: to allow similar organisations to spin up their own versions.

The app has been launched in an alpha version.

InFact Launch Notion Consultancy

Building apps and websites takes time and money. This is good for us, in some ways, because we’re the ones getting paid for it. But we’re keen to find the right answers to your problems - that means a solution that you can afford, understand and interact with yourself. Often, apps/websites don’t offer this. However, there is a new software movement called “no-code” which is bringing complex functionality to the world without the need to learn to code.

One of these platforms is Notion, which can be used to unify your projects, files, ideas and tasks and to create a vast number of workflows and systems. Notion is a blank canvas - which is awesome, but can also be overwhelming - that’s where we can help. We can work with you to co-create and design a system to suit your specific needs.

Harry Becomes a Dad!

Harry recently became father to the youngest revolutionary in CoTech, who is called Lara


We’re stronger when we work together. Here’s a round-up of some collaborations from across the network this month.

CoTech Work Placements at Outlandish

Lucy (InFact Coop), Doug (We Are Open) and Aaron (Agile Collective) have been working with Outlandish on summer placements, to help with a high workload.

Lucy said “I came on board a month or so ago to help out as a project manager during a particularly busy period for Outlandish. I’ve been doing PM work already over at InFact Digital Co-operative, but jumped at the opportunity to do so in a more defined role, since I’m usually trying to juggle it with development work as well. We’ve learnt a ton from Outlandish already, and this seemed like a great chance to learn more, as well as be of service Actually, I haven’t done that much PM work since!"

Read more on the Outlandish Blog

Other collaborations

  • Nick Stokoe (Code-Operative) is working on a website showcasing Transition by Design’s ‘Homemaker Oxford’ three-year study which aims to find creative and community-led ways to tackle housing need in Oxford. The client was introduced to Code-Operative by InFact co-op.


Job Opportunity: Part-Time Communications

Animorph are looking for someone sociable, attentive, and curious to join their team as the person in charge of outward communications, working 8–12hrs per week over the next 6 months.

Please read the full job description, and share with your networks today!
Applications are open until 10th October 2020.


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Fantastic newsletter Calum and other contributors

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All power to the CoTech newsletter team! Thanks so much for putting it together and giving a shout out to my new little revolutionary! So much going on :grinning:

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Great read - thanks!

Great newsletter, thanks! :smiley:

I’m keenly awaiting the launch of which looks a lot like it’s going to be a decent open source alternative to Notion, see e.g.