Once more into the breach: Reviving the CoTech Newsletter

Hey! Last year we voted to fund a few issues of the CoTech newsletter. That budget ran out, and it’s been a while since we published the last edition (see them all here)

Personally I enjoyed reading those issues and it made the network feel more active, I still think it’s a good use of our time/budget

I wrote the September 2020 edition and I enjoyed finding out more about what the different co-ops were up to. I’d do it again, but I think that this could be great for someone who:

  • is an aspiring content writer or community manager who wants to get a bit of experience or add something else to their CV
  • is new to CoTech and would benefit from the onboarding aspect (getting in touch with different co-ops to find out what they’re up to)
  • could do with a little extra income and would like to do it

If there’s still interest I’d be happy to open up a new proposal. I realise that there are some other proposals about to come in (e.g. hiring a community animator), and these might need our budget more than the newsletter

Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

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I thought the system to pay someone to write the newsletter went pretty well. I think it’s a good idea. Do you think the future “community animator” would have the newsletter as part of their role? Perhaps it’s worth pressing on with finding someone now and solve that problem down the line.

Sounds like a good idea to me!

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