Hiring a Public Interest Custodian

We’re looking to hire at Animorph!

About Us

Animorph makes software which augments human perception and habits. Collaborating at the interstices of industry training, education, and medical software, we specialise in extended reality (XR). Our work takes many forms; an immersive virtual reality experience, a wearable augmented reality rehabilitation tool, or a handheld mobile urban planning app. We have been building together since 2016, and are excited to continue growing our team and co-operative as somewhere we can all thrive.

About The Role

Join our small team as the person in charge of outward communications across our website, social media, and more; telling the stories of Animorph, and creating situations for public exchange of progressive ideas. The overarching goal is to advance the narrative of how Animorph’s work impacts end users and other stakeholders.

What You’ll Do

  • Redraft our existing communication plan, then pursue and finesse it based on experience gained through practice, and the emerging work on Animorph’s new website.
  • Strive to establish new relationships with relevant stakeholders on platforms such as Linkedin, Reddit or Medium, by crafting original social media posts, and engaging with those of others.
    • The forms of expression you can employ are only bound by ethical imperatives; there are no restrictions in regards to media used (reposting existing content, creating bespoke audiovisual content, from infographics through blog posts, social media discussions and ambiguous memes).
    • Members of Animorph will assist you with audiovisual assets, skills and knowledge to advance and realise your work.
  • Meet a minimum weekly quota of engagement, evaluated not solely through quantitative measures.
  • The expected outcome of your work is a clear, inspiring and consistently implemented Animorph brand identity, emanating a creative and credible aura to attract the desired businesses to work with us.

What We’re Looking For

We are interested in your long-term spontaneity, consistently harnessing emerging connections, and forging new ones. We care about the public at large, not just our audiences and users. You will engage with them on what’s interesting/relevant/meaningful to them, always acting in both Animorph’s and the public interest.

We are searching for a fellow communicator, not strictly a marketing professional, who is curious about the ways technology can bring people together to help us tell the story of our journey, and to join us in further discoveries.

You will initially be working part-time (8–12hrs per week) for a six-month period, at the end of which your work and position will be reviewed together with other Animorph members.

Apply For This Job

If you are interested in working with us, please send the following to we@animorph.coop before 10th October 2020, and expect our reply on the 14th October 2020.

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Resume/CV
  • Cover letter
  • Website or your other active communication channel
  • A concise response to the following statement: “Perception shapes habits and habits shape perception; how feedback loops can turn vicious circles into sustainable spirals.”



The countdown begins… :hourglass_flowing_sand:…there are 10 days left to apply, we look forward to further applications!

If it’s not for you, please share with anyone you know it might resonate with.

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