Updating the CoTech website

Hey folks,

@Mateus at Outlandish created some new/additional suggested designs for the CoTech website. The thinking behind this is to make it a

  1. easier to see who provides which services and with which technologies
  2. better communicate the value added to clients by working with multiple specialist agencies (i.e. showcase our collaborations better)

You can see the proposed designs here: https://xd.adobe.com/view/cbb34ecc-7ef5-4b3f-970b-572dfb97d4d6-9ee0/

We are looking for a CoTech coop to transform these XD designs into HTML and CSS. We’d also need to understand how we can change some of the filtering in order that the search/categorisation fields work.

In addition, let me know if you fancy writing some case studies of CoTech collaborations, then let me know. I’m happy to work on this with you, or for you to take it on.

Thanks folks!

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I adore the idea of prioritizing member connections over singular clients <3

Making visible the negative space between “things” is so important – preferring to focus on connections over entities, that feels like the essence of the co-operative approach from a network science perspective :slight_smile:

I like the new layout with series of introductory paragraphs and photos, would there be a time-limit on how long each is displayed? Or a limit, say 1 article per co-op?