The Return of the CoTech Newsletter!

During today’s governance call we discussed the monthly newsletter, the last of which was sent in March 2018

They look cool!

I suppose the best way to start the conversation is with the people who were involved in the previous newsletter… What are your thoughts, what worked last time, what didn’t, why did it stop?

@decentral1se @SzczepanOfAnimorph @chris


Head over to :slight_smile:

Basically, it took about 2-3 hours a month, I think, when I was doing it for the 2 months. I would manually take a trip around the cooperative internet (see and whatever looked cool, just drop it into an open file in and then at the end of the month, paste that into a “newsletter” category post after it was reviewed by Chris or whoever else was helping out.

I would say it is a thankless job but loads of people said thanks :slight_smile:

Good luck with it!


Note that is was @chrislowis, not me, producing it a couple of years ago.

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@LeoSammallahti has kindly offered to help with writing the newsletter, and I’d like to help, too. We’ll form a working group so that it’s open for participation

I’m assuming it’s okay that we repost to Mutual Interest? I’m in favour of a public-facing newsletter, personally

I think that the first milestone should be to publish our first newsletter, and then we can review it, and discuss new ideas? Is the end of September a realistic target?

In the posts above we have examples of the previous CoTech newsletter and documentation on how they did it to help us start. I’ve already been sent stories by Code-Operative and GreenNet


Sounds good to me, @LeoSammallahti is a user member of Webarchitects Co-operative and we host the Mutual Interest Media Co-operative WordPress site. I have added @LeoSammallahti to the Sister Co-operative group in Discourse so he now has access to the private co-ops category here.


Count me in to help. We originally decided to post it to the CoTech forum because it has a nice “subscribe to this category using email” function which helps with distribution.

I suggest we license the text under something very permissive so people are free to repost wherever.


I had a look at the 2018 Magazine, it obviously took some work to put together, it’s good, and I maybe could contribute … Would you go beyond the “press release” type of article, into news, comment, tech questions, etc? Just askin’


My preference is to start short and simple for the first newsletter and then reflect on it… experimenting with new innovations in the coming months?

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Hello all! Please let me and Leo know here, by message or email the content you’d like to feature in the September newsletter…

I think for this one we’re planning short and simple, and keeping closely in line with the March 2018 structure. With that in mind we need nominations for:

  • Featured co-op… one or all of the new co-ops? The three most recent are Preston Digital Foundation, Dandelion Collective and Clear Honest Design
  • Projects that need financial support
  • Short news stories… from CoTech, your co-op, elsewhere in the community
  • Collaborations
  • Events, job postings and getting involved with CoTech. I should find all the obvious ones from memory/on the forum

@decentral1se @chrislowis is newsletter [at] coops [dot] tech still active? Could I have access please? :slight_smile:


I made a start on the September newsletter

@chrislowis @LeoSammallahti

Please edit freely and add your own content :slight_smile:

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Thanks I’ll work on it tomorrow!


I’ve added a couple more stories. Will we be able to publish on 30th September?

You can also send me your content as text and I can transfer it to markdown


I’ve written some content for it so that we can publish today so no worries. Just waiting on @edmaw and @MelMcNab to send me some content from GreenNet and and then we’re good to go :slight_smile:

In October I’m not going to have the time to write it again, CoTech-wise I’ve got the Hubl onboarding to focus on and I’m looking to create some more time in my day for some personal projects

Does anyone know of any junior or student writers who would be interested in taking it on? It seems to me a great opportunity to gain commercial experience in a friendly and welcoming environment

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Would you go beyond the “press release” type of article, into news, comment, tech questions, etc?

Added the newsletter to the monthly call agenda later today… will you be attending? :slight_smile: I’m hoping to ask if anyone had some ideas for things to try out in the October edition


Thanks for the all the efforts on this initiative!

Please can we edit the job description at the end to:

Job Opportunity: Part-time Communications
Animorph are looking for someone sociable, attentive, and curious to join their team as the person in charge of outward communications, working 8–12hrs per week over the next 6 months.
Please read the full job description, and share with your networks today!
Applications are open until 10th October 2020.

Done! Will publish now :slight_smile: