September CoTech community call

We will meet here:

Agenda is here:

Please add things to it.

I have enabled RSVP so feel free to, er, RSVP!


The next CoTech call is happening on Wednesday 30th September at 4pm in this BBB virtual meeting room.

The agenda is here, please add to it, the notes from the last call are here.

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If these calls were during nursery/ school hours (say between 10am - 2pm to give a buffer either side) I’d be more likely to be able to attend, as it is I’ll be busy with childcare. Have a good one!

We Are Open Co-op won’t be able to make it at this time but I’m sending you solidarity vibes nonetheless :slight_smile:

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Hi - I realised I don’t have access to the wiki.

Good Praxis is thinking about joining the call and talking about a project that could be shared with other co-ops – would it be possible to add this point to the agenda? Thanks!


I’ve added to the agenda the draft taxonomy/Hubl onboarding script

and the newsletter

Linking these here so people can check them out before the meeting :slight_smile:

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Added that for you :slight_smile:

I can create you an account, could you PM me your email please?

Oh, damn, I just went and added something about this to the agenda… 2 days after the meeting actually happened! :laughing:

/me goes to revert that edit