Worker Co-op Weekend 2021

Short news Worker Co-op Weekend is on at Selgars Mill from pm Friday 23 - Sunday 25 July, with camping, rooms, dorms and yurts options. Co-ops UK booking form is live, and you can propose sessions or help co-design the main event here.

Other news Solidfund has agreed to guarantee the costs of taking Selgars Mill for an extra day from pm Thurs 22-pm Fri 23rd, for pre-events or fringe sessions, including a Solidfund strategy discussion. CoTech decided not to call its own gathering on the day, but some of you are are coming anyway and it would be an opportunity for an unofficial CoTech klatsch.

Further news Solidfund also agreed to fund up to £1,500 of bursaries (up to £150 per person) to support SF members, or people nominated by SF members, towards travel and ticket costs for any or all of the events, paid as a reimbursement on receipts. Email for more info


Awesome! Am I understanding correctly that this could be the next CoTech gathering as well?

@Aaron was considering arranging one in Oxford too I think? CoTech Gathering Autumn 2020? Covid got in the way of that

I realise that Covid hasn’t gone away… perhaps if we did that there will be some ways to use more socially-distanced/outside spaces and to allow people to access it online

I love the idea of cycling to Oxford from Hertfordshire over a day or two :biking_man:

hey @calummackervoy I think it’s been decided to do the gathering at Selgars Mill this year. I am not sure there’ll be energy / appetite for another one before the year ends? I am assuming it’ll need to be mainly outdoors which limits it to late Sept / early Oct at the latest, I would think.
I’m sure we’d be up for organising one next Spring / Summer…

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I’ve noticed that the last few times there have been any CoTech or worker co-op gatherings they have coincidentally fallen on school holiday dates. I know that doesn’t effect everyone and I also know it wouldn’t be planned that way. And this also means it pretty much counts me out coming to them (I love coming to them, remotely or otherwise) and possibly others too.

I’m happy to be involved in the organisation of the next CoTech one, and try and get it booked in for a non school holiday date? :smiley: Anyone else?


Hi all - at the CoTech Spring Gathering we had a chat about the next in person gathering. As discussed above, tagging it on the the Worker Co-op Weekend at Selgar’s Mill seems to make sense.

The idea is that CoTech (perhaps in collaboration with Solidfund/Young Co-operators Network) will extend the booking by a day, so that we can arrive Thursday evening and carry out our CoTechh sessions on the Friday. The total cost of this would be £1500.

So we have a couple of questions:

Will you come to the CoTech gathering at Selgar’s Mill, 22-23 July?
  • Yes
  • No

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How should we fund the weekend?
  • CoTech fund covers the whole cost of the extra night at Selgar’s Mill plus food/drink
  • CoTech fund covers the extra night at Selgar’s Mill only
  • Members buy their own tickets and CoTech fund covers any difference between ticket sales plus food/drink
  • Members buy their own tickets and CoTech fund covers any difference between ticket sales only.

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This is not a proposal, just sense-checking. Please cast your votes by the end of the week, and let me know if you think the options need changing :slight_smile:


I actually can’t vote in the above poll because I made it for fund members only to vote in, and I don’t seem to have that badge :woman_facepalming:t2:perhaps that’s true for other members too. @chris @SzczepanOfAnimorph either of you able to edit this? :slight_smile:


If I recall correctly the fund group was created so the corresponding category would only be open to members of co-ops who contribute to the fund to post in it — the membership of the group clearly needs updating, currently these are the co-ops that are members (by email domain):

Screenshot_2021-04-17 Membership - Manage - fund - Cooperative Technologists Community Discourse Forum

@Lucy I’ve made you an admin so you can help update this if you want, I guess the list of co-ops that paid into the fund last year should be used.

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Everyone who’s participated here, it would be great to hear your voices over on the Loomio proposal/discussion :slight_smile: and there is some urgency! Thank you :pray:


Booking are now open for the Workers Co-op Weekend 2021 at Selgars Mill including the additional fringe day at the start, 22nd — 25th July 2021:

It should be great! :tent::fire::beer::fist:

@Sion it might be worth updating the top post in this thread, I just added the location and updated the title of the thread.