CoTech Gathering 🪁 Spring Break 2021

Hi, I’m Stephan from the Cloudron forum. @jdaviescoates invited me to give a little help (if possible).
There are so many options to run WA. I decided to take the easy way out as a Docker installation behind a Traefik load balancer. This was my starting point → 404 File not found · Issue #452 · thecodingmachine/workadventure · GitHub
But in general, your problem seems to be a webrtc problem. Everything on the map, except the Jitsi rooms, takes place via webrtc. Have you tried it with different local networks/mobile networks or different browsers? In some crazy network situations I had some kind of similar problems with webrtc.
I know that works for me. Please try if you have the same problem on this instance.


Hey folks, for our session today looking at collaboration, we’ll be going through a few examples of how coops have done it so far - whats gone well and what not so well. If you have a chance to look at the examples already given, and add your own today before midday that would be ace.

Hello everyone!

Just a quick message to say these two days of events look fantastic and we have been so busy at Creative Coop the last 5/6 weeks that this has quickly come around and we are struggling to find much time to get involved.

However saying that I have moved a client meeting will be popping into a session or two (despite not very prepared). It looks like there are so many valuable sessions that we would like to be involved in especially around collaboration.

Hope to catch up with a few of you later, and we appreciate the effort everyone has gone too for the group :slight_smile:



Hi folks, I thought I had a account but I don’t think I do now. Can someone point me in the direction of how to get an account? username / email the same as this profile will work.

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@SzczepanOfAnimorph, me and @Caitlin are very down to talk about the Good Praxis / Autonomic collaboration, but we can’t join your and Polly’s session :frowning: (it’s the same time as the infrastructure talk). Maybe some later point in the gathering?

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Come round to GLADYS PERKINS at 2pm today so we can work something out, e.g. perhaps we could have a dedicated session tomorrow?

Thanks for suggesting! I can join at 2 for 5-10 minutes, I think Caitlin can make it too – if that’s enough time to sketch something out?

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For sure, perhaps we could add a session tomorrow 2pm or even in the morning? Up to yous, just need to draft a couple of sentences and come up with a name for your room!

Is there something fun happening this eve? or is it all being saved for tomorrow? @Kayleigh @KingMob @simon.blakehouse

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If the work adventure instance is working, I’ll be on there with a drink to talk to people.

If it isn’t, then let’s meet in a room at 8?

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Thanks everyone for this splendid morning!

There’s the wiki page for the gathering, dumped some notes there that I will need to clean up a bit, missing Handbooks and Collaboration sessions @Hannah @aaron @polly

@chris and myself are in GLADYS PERKINS if anyone’s interested in engaging with the website!


I added a link to the jamboard we used for the session, which was really good. Main take away is there is enthusiasm for a network co-ordinator role and we think real value in trying to make this happen somehow. I say somehow as it will mean more financial commitment from members (which we didn’t talk about)


Updated the line-up with a link to the room for this evening’s fun circle chat - see you in just under 2 hours!

Notes from the handbooks session have been uploaded to the wiki :eyes: Spring Break 2021/Co-operative Company Handbooks - CoTech

Thank you to all who attended and contributed, and to @gemmacopeland @MelMcNab and @LiamFinnis who are joining the efforts to build and maintain a shared resource for CoTech members!


Hi Everyone

We are checking-in now and in 20 minutes we will hold a session on the upcoming gathering!

(Full line-up at the top of the thread)

Hey Everyone!

Update on the agenda above for evening fun!


Had a great time, wish I could have gone to more daytime sessions but the social was is top :slight_smile: thanks to everyone who put effort into organising!


Some excellent conversations :smiley:

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Thanks so much to everyone who attended and contributed, such a joy.

Had great time in the eve, thanks for pulling it all together! If people have any screenshots please send them through or upload straight to the gathering page on wiki.

One of the outcomes from last week is to organise a face-to-face gathering in Selgars Mill in July - the minutes. Already looking forward to it, let us know @Sion @Lucy @polly if we can be of any support!

Thanks @SzczepanOfAnimorph ! Please see here for more details on inperson gathering.