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Skillsharing call: co-op risk registers

We have a risk register that currently lives in a spreadsheet. I’d like to know how other co-ops/orgs manage their risks, and how they do it. Here are some prompts :smiley: What format is it? Who looks at it and how frequently (and the golden question) how do you prevent it from becoming a biiiiig spreadsheet that no-one wants to open because it’s just too much to look at it. So I guess my question is, how do you manage it safely?

See the forum post here.

New podcast from We Are Open Co-op: The TAO of WAO

Hey all, We Are Open Co-op 1 has just released the first three episodes of our new podcast. We’d love it if you could: Share with your networks. Give us feedback (the first episode is on Co-operatives!). Come and have a chat with us on a future episode!

See the forum post here.

A shiny new domain proposal:

I would like to propose that Cotech uses a .coop domain alongside the domain with a Host Header - so that both domains can run in parallel and whichever one the website visitor types in is the one they see.

See the forum post here.

Invitation to tender: Web Server Hosting and Administration

Thanks to Open Data Services to suggesting that we be invited to quote, however I’m afraid the Webarchitects doesn’t have the capacity to provide the infrastructure required at this time so we have declined the invite, I’m posting this here in case anyone else wasn’t aware of it and would like to quote for the work.

See the forum post here.

Agile Collective: LocalGov Drupal Sprints

We wrapped up a really positive Sprint 1 of the @LocalGovDrupal Beta last week. With an expanded team, more councils coming on board, and lots of important work to do, we’re excited about the road ahead #LocalDigital #drupal

See the tweet here.

Agile are also posting notes from the sprints on their blog: Sprint 1, Sprint 2.

Autonomic & in second round consideration for CoS funding

In 2020 the Culture of Solidarity Fund was launched as a rapid response tool to support cross-border cultural initiatives of solidarity in times of uncertainty and lockdown. Nearly a year later, solidarity remains a major cultural challenge, particularly in the field of media. Europe needs a shared public space where a culture of solidarity can be practiced. It is there where the ongoing infodemic can be combated. Visit SHARE under our programmes to read more about the European Cultural Foundation’s work on the development of a European public space.

See the forum post here and the Culture of Solidarity website there.

Outlandish & Common Knowledge: remote design sprint with @CooperativesUK for the #Unfound accelerator

We just finished day 2 of our remote design sprint with @CooperativesUK for the #Unfound accelerator in collaboration with @cmmonknowledge . It was fun! Like the sound of a design sprint but not sure if you can commit to five days? We run a day version

See the tweet here.

Space4: talks, workshops, meets galore

Space4 is in full swing, catch what is going on over at their events listing page!


Did you know our wonderful forum has a Calendar feature? If you post under the events category then they will automatically appear in this calendar. You can subscribe to it using iCal or RSS. The Agenda also gives a linear overview of upcoming events also.

Good luck to all the organisers and thanks for your energy and determination despite all the remaining uncertainties around organising events right now.

4th June: Shared Infrastructure Cotech call

A new group has formed within CoTech to try to provide a co-operative alternative to corporate server providers. If that sounds interesting to you, please join in!

See the event post here.

All notes and previous call posts are listed on the forum Hosting category.

4th June: The 1st International Coop Community Meeting

Hi Everyone! We are excited to announce 1 the 1st International Coop Community Meeting, based on the Mattermost patio chat participation! Our community is waking up and we would like to jointly evolve cooperation among coops from all over the world. Please keep the slot on the 4th of June, Friday, at 15:00 UTC. We are going to present the results of a survey announced a few months ago, propose a tangible approach, agree on milestones and discuss the next steps together.

See the event post here.

21rst June: Outlandish are holding a Sociocracy 101 workshop

A practical workshop giving you an introduction to consent-based decision-making and a chance to try it out for yourself.

See the event post here and eventbrite event listing there.

23rd - 25th July: Worker Co-op Weekend

The Worker Co-op Council agreed to make a firm booking for Worker Co-op Weekend at Selgars Mill 3 near Tiverton, Friday 23-Sunday 25 July. The day before - Thursday 22 July - we are mooting a pre-event Solidfund 1 strategy session, which may run alongside a face-to-face gathering for the relaunched Young Cooperators Network.

See the forum post here.

TBD: The Next CoTech Gathering

There is a poll setup by @Lucy to try and put some dates and figures on the next face-to-face CoTech meeting!

The idea is that CoTech (perhaps in collaboration with Solidfund/Young Co-operators Network) will extend the booking by a day, so that we can arrive Thursday evening and carry out our CoTechh sessions on the Friday. The total cost of this would be £1500.

Weigh in on this forum poll here.

You can also join the discussion on this separate thread.


Thanks for this! awesome to see a round up :slight_smile: just to flag that the poll on the next cotech gathering has been and gone - it’s not going ahead in this form (unless someone else wants to step in and run a new proposal :wink: ), but the Worker Co-op Weekend is, as is the Solidfund pre-event on the Thurs/Fri. There are also bursaries available from Solidfund - details:

Up to 10 ‘claim back on receipts’ bursaries of up to £150, towards travel and ticket costs for members of SF, or nominees of SF members, needing financial support to go to the SF session and/or Worker Co-op Weekend which takes place on the following 2 days.

If anyone needs nominated, do get in touch.

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Thanks for pulling this together @decentral1se! Always great to see everything happening across the network on a monthly basis.

In fact, I’d propose that we pin this to the top of the forum each month, both for existing members who might have missed some of what’s been going on, and for new visitors who might benefit from an easily-digestible overview?


Thanks @decentral1se !

I’d propose that we pin this to the top of the forum each month

Done :slight_smile:


Thanks for this, I really enjoyed reading it :fist:t3: :heart:

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Thanks for this! Was a great read!

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Love this, thanks so much @decentral1se!

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