Community Animation

During today’s governance call we discussed community animation (as a primary objective in adopting Hubl)

@chrislowis originally proposed a “collaboration” working group with the aim of reviewing and strategising the adoption of Hubl. I think that we could extend this definition to include the overall aim of “animating” the community as a whole. I think the newsletter is a part of this, and I have some other ideas, but maybe the first step here is to gauge interest in this strategy?

@SzczepanOfAnimorph mentioned that there have been previous discussions about hiring a CoTech animator, mostly thinking about external outreach. I’m mostly talking about encouraging internal participation but there may be crossover here


I’m intending to spend August and September compiling an informal taxonomy of the coops in cotech by arranging a thirty minute phone call with a member of all of them.

I’m then going to sell this information to the highest bidder on the dark web


Can i start the bidding at a pint of beer?


Hey Calum,

Yes this has been discussed a few times. I think it’s a great idea/direction. Problem is though, it’s taken rather a long time to raise the money in the fund (circa 8k a year or something) so we’re a long way off being able to fund even a part-time job. There’s also some complication in terms of think about where that person would take their lead from, and be based etc, so that the role was neutral or equally shared across the network.

Personally I think that the first step is to create a working group type of thing and see where we can get to, but bare in mind that we could be heading in this direction :slight_smile:

I’m in for the animating group!


I’d be well up for helping with that!

I reckon armed with such knowledge, an internal community animator plus external sales type role could end up funding itself.

Like, if I had a good grip on all the skills in our network I reckon I could get member co-ops contracts, and then commission from these contracts could fund time working on newsletters, organising gatherings, events, microsolidarity type stuff, etc etc.

I think that would be fun.


Update on the working group from the proposal which passed recently: we’re forming a community animation/engagement working group which will at least monitor/animate the adoption of Hubl and measure its success

@KingMob and @jdaviescoates do you want to get involved with this? Or would you be willing to help us out onboarding co-ops onto Hubl while you call them? :slight_smile:

We could combine our efforts and formulate a loose script of what information we want to find out, to build the taxonomy

The working group is open to all CoTech members

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Sounds like a plan! Happy to join the group but only have some time on Mondays and Fridays.