Space4 talking events this term - can you speak, or recommend a speaker?

Hey everyone,

I’m getting round to organising our programme of events for this year. I would love to have input from the CoTech network.

Would you be up for speaking? Or do you perhaps know someone who would be a great speaker? I’m trying hard to diversify our panels, so bonus points for suggesting someone who represents a group not heavily represented in the tech world!

Our events focus on tech, and its crossovers with other sectors, or with issues around ethics, politics etc. They are hosted at Space4 in north London, and generally are on a Wednesday or Thursday evening from 7-9pm. The audience is around 20-30 people, many from a tech-activist background. The format is usually that 4 people speak for about 10 minutes each, with time for questions and debate between, followed by some drinks and networking.

For a list of our past events see here:

Currently I’m trying to find speakers for these events, though I’m also looking for suggestions of new titles:

  • Transparent, Meritocratic & Peer-owned: is Open Source the 21st Century Cooperative?
  • Which CRM? Empowering charities and non-profits
  • Open Badges and the potential of open democratic education
  • Privacy and Censorship in online pornography
  • Tech tools to fight crime
  • Analytics for good
  • Improving class diversity in tech
    …and so on.

Please get in touch if you think you might be able to help out or you’ve got some ideas! Thanks.

Polly :star_struck:

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Hi Polly,

I’d love to talk about synergy with South London initiative as we build out the platform - if that happens a bit later in say 3 or 4 months time then I can touch on technologies as well used in the platform…


I recall that @jdaviescoates has a wiki page somewhere with a list of news co-ops in the UK (I can think of the Morning Star, New Internationalist and Co-operative News but I’m sure there another half dozen or so) — perhaps inviting some of them to do a event on media co-operatives in the era of “fake news” or something like that might be interesting?

Also any excuse to get Nafeez Ahmed to do a talk would be awesome :slight_smile:.


Also Red Pepper are a cooperative.

I know someone who works there so can make the bridge?

Hi Polly!

I’m working as a marketing officer for Coop Exchange, and will be in London for a Nesta event about platform cooperatives in 19th February (tuesday). Would love to come talk about Coop Exchange the same week in Space4.

I’m also one of the cofounders of WeCo , a platform coop replacement for Reddit whose development is headed by @KingMob and codeoperative, a tech coop he has cofounded. He would also be happy to come talk about WeCo (and WeCos rather innovative way of collaborating with codeoperative) in the event.

If this would be possible let me know by either replying to this comment, you can also email me at .

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I’d be interested in hearing how that goes, I started a thread on it here:


Yep, thanks for posting, it was how I found out about it :slight_smile: .


Thanks @chris I’ll reach out to @jdaviescoates . Do you have a relationship with Nafeez? He looks great! I can just reach out to him cold if necessary but if you know him an intro would be cool!

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Hi Leo,

Thanks for posting.

I’m actually not in London that week, and am aware that we don’t have a huge amount of time between now and then to organise and promote. BUT, where there’s a will there’s a way! I’m going to PM you now and we can get on the phone to discuss maybe?



@alex that would be great. I do have a contact for Hilary but I think she’s always super busy and hasn’t got back to me the last few times I wrote to her. Would be great if you could introduce me to someone else via email?

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I have sent Nafeez a email and copied it to you.

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My list of media co-ops is here: (but that link isn’t working so )

I’ve been in touch with most of the more established ones and got a few of them to speak at events over the years too :slight_smile:

I kinda know Nafeez too (we’re “friends” on FB and follow each other on twitter and have communicated on and off over the years).

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Marijam Didžgalvytė would be good :slight_smile:

Thought of her as I just posted this about a gamer co-op and she is a woman who works to build worker solidarity in game dev world etc :slight_smile:

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Sorry missed this.

Can you send me an email and I will make the connection? Someone I know knows her very well.

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