Are Red Pepper Magazine a co-op?

Are they? I don’t think they are but would be happy to be corrected :slight_smile:

I may be wrong but thought they were. I will check.

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Excellent, thanks - look forward to hearing back what you discover. I tried to look into it but no where on red pepper website does it say anything about that, nor does it even mention the name of the company who actually owns them… ah, on further investigation seems they are owned by Socialist Newspaper (Publications) Limited who are a Private Company Limited by Shares. Pretty sure they aren’t a co-op, but according to:

“A constitution was agreed by which the board is made up of an equal number of representatives of investors, staff and the Socialist Movement, with the SM having a ‘charter share’ to protect against, for instance, the takeover of the company by some opportunistic shark with an eye for profitable left-wing magazines.”

So kinda sorta democratic. Who exactly Socialist Movement are is also unclear though. Doesn’t appear to be any Companies registered with that name…

I suspect that they are using this term in the same way you would use the term the labour movement or the trade union movement, a general term encompassing all active socialists.

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Possibly I guess, but then how could such a movement practically/ legally actually own shares in the company?

“Socialist Movement” is one of the 5 owners of Ordinary Shares listed and the only owners of the Charter Shares, see

(PS - I guess we should move these posts about Red Pepper’s structure into it’s own thread given they are off-topic?)

Did you ever manage to find out anything more about this?