S.coop - The Co-operative Press URL shortening service

It is working again now, I have migrated and updated the code running the site.

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You host s.coop? - nice :slight_smile:

Glad too, that now it’s in good hands. Had problems with reliability over the last few months. Particularly pleased as it was my idea, to the News Coop, to use that domain name, when single letter versions were still available.


Good on you!

Think you can still get short .coop domains, but you have to argue the case for them and only use them in certain ways. I had ud.coop (short for uniteddiversity.coop) for a while but never got around to using it as I had envisaged (basically as a short url for uniteddiversity.coop links) and couldn’t afford to keep renewing something I never used! :slight_smile:

I must have been persuasive, as we have w.coop and use it for all our dev sites.


I didn’t know this, thanks Felix!

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