19 Feb, London: Platform co-ops: solving the capital conundrum


I saw @coopsmark post this on a Loomio thread, reposting here as most people won’t have seen that:

Web-based platforms dominate our daily lives, offering new customer-friendly services cheaply and conveniently. But the standard platform business model relies on extractive financing, the monetisation of user data and often disregards privacy and workers’ rights. It’s time for an alternative.

Over the last nine months, Nesta and Co-operatives UK have convened groups of experts and pioneering practitioners to explore the potential for cooperatively owned and operated platforms to create a more equitable and socially beneficial alternative to ‘platform capitalism’.

We are now delighted to invite you to the launch of our joint research paper “Platform Coops - Solving the Capital Conundrum”.

Join us for an informal gathering of practitioners and champions from across the sector. We will discuss our research findings and share a new programme of work to establish new funding models for platform co-operatives in 2019, supported by Open Society Foundations.

Registration will open at 17:30 with the event starting promptly at 18:30. The session will finish at 19:30 with
the opportunity to continue the conversation and learn what your peers might be doing in this space until 20:00.

The event will take place at Nesta, 58 Victoria Embankment, London, EC4Y 0DS facing the river, a short walk from Blackfriars station. Please note that the buildings are not numbered in a sequential order, 58 is located between 40 and 50.


If any London based CoTech people are free it might be worth checking out and reporting back regarding the answer(s) (if any) to the problem — we are never going to be able to compete with AWS without some capital to get started…

Space4 talking events this term - can you speak, or recommend a speaker?

If anyone is interested in participating in the public-facing
Platform 6 Development Co-operative Loomio Group, where this was
posted, then let me know and I’ll invite you or you can ask for
access at:


Everybody welcome. Already 44 co-operators co-creating a new
vibrant community of practice around co-op development.