Making contact with other tech co-ops outside of the UK?


Does anyone know of any tech co-ops based in the US, specifically the Seattle area? Code-Operative got an email from a dev there who had seen our site (I don’t know how) and was interested in joining one


I’d suggest asking on the tech-coop email list, this list grew into the Tech Co-op Network of North American Technology Worker Cooperatives some years ago, but it is an open list anyone can join.


Thanks very much! I’ll take a look now


Hi, I’m Nicolás, member of Fiqus [0], a cooperative based in Buenos Aires and Patagonia. We are associated to FACTTIC, as well as our friends of Cambá @solverniers and @Neto.

A few weeks ago we started making contact with cooperatives from other countries, that’s how we got to chat today with colleagues from “The Developer society” [1].

Today while I was talking to @Neto about the call we had with the cooperative “The Developer society”, he told me about this site and here I am, with my profile already created and very happy to participate. I hope that soon we can organize a virtual meeting to strengthen cooperative international relations!




Hi Nico!! we are happy to have you here!! And happy to have more members of FACTTIC making contact with international coops in tech industry!


Hi to all. I am member of the same collective as @hng. After 35c3 meetings with cotech I decided to join here as well. Thx for hosting this forum. Didn’t know where to start, but thought this is a good threat.
We are building up a tech coop network in the german speaking areas.


@solverniers Your federation in Argentina sound quite interesting, I’d be happy to get to know your project more. In Germany we are currently four tech coops in our network. We mostly focus on software development, consulting and DevOps (mainly free software and web stuff). We discussed that it would be good to be more open to more areas e.g. design and discussed that something like shared accounting would be great. What are the areas in your federation?


At the 35c3 we identified a few action points for working on international exchange:

  • Create a zine, wiki etc. about tech coops and different projects in different countries. Share knowledge, solutions to common questions etc.
  • Use the CoTech “International Solidarity” forum for communication (for now).
  • Do a video call for international exchange in the next 1-2 months.

There will be a report/blog post from the meetings at 35c3 at some time.


That all sounds very positive :slight_smile:.

Of course you are most welcome to use this forum forever and we are very happy to be hosting discussions with tech co-ops outside the UK here, but, at some point in the future, if it is opened up (there is a thread on making it public), using the ICA Discourse server might make more sense for some things.