Making contact with other tech co-ops outside of the UK?


Has anyone made any contact with co-ops outside the UK? I noticed this list has some cool stuff on it.

If anyone speaks Spanish, it would to check out what some of these folks are up to:

Any CoTech members at Chaos Communications Congress 34C3?
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I’ve spoken to other co-operatives who are active in the Drupal community, including: (Greece) (USA / Nicaragua / UK sometimes)
and I’ve emailed a few others while researching worker ownership with the Drupal community, mentioning CoTech along the way:

It would be great to be able to approach such co-ops with a clear offer of a way to be involved in discussions to broaden the network, at the appropriate time.


I just came across FACT[TIC], (and have only just realised that they are linked in the top post above :roll_eyes:) they appear to be a network of 16 tech co-ops in Argentina, with a nice looking web site that links to them all at the bottom of the front page, @Kayleigh have you come across them before?


My friend is a fluent Spanish speaker and would be happy to contact these folks of behalf of CoTech is required.


A few here from way back when I was gathering a list of people to talk to to gauge interest in what became 1st Wortley Hall event ->


They are probably aware of us. It would be great to contact all of these above mentioned co-ops and invite them to use this forum to build the tech co-op community internationally.