Making contact with other tech co-ops outside of the UK?


yes, the discourse is hosted by FACTTIC. I’m not sure if the non public messages are due to an ICA policy, but I think that we can modify that if it’s necessary… maybe your experience with this forum could help on the discussion


Alex, I guess you are aware of SMart, would be interested in your view of how they are organising tech freelancers or how tech people are using its platform?


Hi @Sion,

I know about them, but I haven’t a clear idea of how they operate.
However I know several belgium freelancers, members of the Happy Dev network, who were part of Smart a few years ago.

I can ask them if you want.
What do you want to know exactly ?


Hi @polly @chris
Do you have any email, Telegram user or something to be in contact tomorrow for the call? Please let us know…

We prepared a little video with greetings from all the coop as a presentation before we enter to the call…



Thanks @solverniers! We have are using Nextcloud Talk in session and perhaps this might work for the chat with you, the URL for the shared hosting infrastructure session is here, if you want to test that you can access it


Thanks @solverniers! We have are using Nextcloud Talk in session and perhaps this might work for the chat with you, the URL for the shared hosting infrastructure session is here, if you want to test that you can access it


That call has ended now, but I’ll create a new link at 6:30pm or so for this.


Cool! I have enter there without problems. Just let me know and @neto and I will join again
Thanks a lot!


I am based at the University of Umeå in the North of Sweden, but I live in Spain, in a village close to Barcelona. It was great to read about your coop.



@solverniers @Neto We didn’t get to make something as impressive as yours, but we made a little video to say hello when we finished our event:

Hope the G20 protests went really well.

I thought you might be interested to know more about Founders and Coders who are a code-school that’s part of our network:

Keep in touch, I’m looking forward to seeing how this relationship develops :slight_smile:


:heart::heart: great videoooo :smile:


Lovely video!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We really enjoy to have this call, even for a little time…We really want to make coopstech network stronger all around the world, to change our cultural labour and work.


Hi everyone !

Alex From Happy Dev speaking.
We translated our manifesto in english so that you guys could read it.
We would love to actually share a common manifesto with CoTech.
We believe it could be a first step to cooperating more together, on top of the few clients’ projects that are in the pipeline now.

What would you change to make it yours ?
Fell most welcome to comment, here or on the document itself.

One more thing : we open an english speaking #international-cooperation channel on our chat.
If you’d like to join, just ping me and I invite you in.

All the best !


Hi Alex!!
Cool, I will check this document…I think we share a lot of the points mentioned at the manifiesto.

I would like to join…maybe @Neto is also interested in this channel…



Cool !

Would you share your emails here or at ?

Let’s rock the world !


Just checking in to say hello from German IT-Kollektiv network. I am also the guy that created the tech-coops list on github, that seems to have started this thread :slight_smile:

How was the call? What did you talk about? Sadly I just saw it now.


Hi @alexbourlier !
I already send it…please let us know if you received it…

Hi @hng !! We saw this github and soon we will add our cooperative. Honestly we are waiting the change of logo to do a lot of things… and add all the 19 tech cooperatives of Argentina !
At the call, we just say hi and speak a little of how we work. It was more to know and see our faces…anyway we are having some calls this days between two or three coops

Also we will received a visit from Kayleigh in Buenos Aires this January…
we offer couch-surfing for anyone who wish to came here!! Feel free to ask :slight_smile:

How many tech coops are in Germany? Do you have different areas (not only software, maybe design or another area?)?


Just generally, their experience of working through SMart, what member value it offers them/what are the drawbacks, and how they perceive SMart as a coop?


Just FYI: me and @hng and a few other CoTech folks will be hosting a tech co-ops meetup at Chaos Communications Congress 35c3 in Leipzig this year again.

More details to follow.