Video call for international exchange


At 35c3 we thought about ways to grow and deepen our international connections. Although there was a bit of skepticism one ideas was to have at least one call in the beginning of the new year and see how it goes. Another idea was to use this forum for communication and to create zine on tech-coops together.

What do you think? Would you like to take part in such a call? Maybe already in February?


It’s a very good idea. We have participated in two calls like this, one was at the Cotech Gathering 2018 and other with @chris and @Kayleigh.

I think that if we want to make it works, we have to define an agenda first, and we can do that in this forum.


Yes! I think that have monthly calls could improve and make stronger relationships for exchange.
February will work for us at cambá

I propose to start with some few topics

  • Presentations (who are us, what we do, where we do it :smile: )
  • How we communicate our labor culture (credentials, website, social media and think to start a Zine on Tech-Coops with a global vision)
  • Inter cooperative Projects (we have some work flow for this kind of projects here in Argentina, maybe we can share our experience)

Maybe there is another topics that are more interesting to talk about…


Great! Also @solverniers topics seem to be a very good start for a first call. I think the topic of “economic sustainability” or how to get coops really started would be also interesting, but maybe for another call.

We can try to find a time/date using this tool:
For us it would be no problem to have a call at 20:00 Berlin time and mo-fr if possible.


happy to participate in such call! I am currently looking for the possibilities of cooperation with tech-coops.


@AnnaColchis13 Hey! Great to see more people coming around :slight_smile: Are you part of a coop or what are interested in?


hey there, I not a part of this community, but I am not working formally for any cooperative. Would love to. I am qualified foreign lawyer with experience in data privacy (here UK). Do you know of any projects that I could be helpful with?


Making contact with other tech co-ops outside of the UK?

I am not sure yet how you could help. Maybe we could have a short call someday?


We’ve decided to do a first international tech-coops call on the 26th March on 18 pm (CET / UTC+1)