Making contact with other tech co-ops outside of the UK?


Just a note not to forget CECOP/CICOPA, the federation for coops industry and services, based in Belgium - in case we can use their infrastructure for international events/links. The American federation, Mercosur, is the regional CICOPA affiliate. CECOP is holding its 40th year general assembly alongside Coop Congress in Manchester June this year, and we are lining up 2 days of visits, events and discussions, perhaps under the theme ‘Cooperative organising in a time of social, political crisis’. There is a discussion going on in the Worker Cooperatives group on Loomio about session topics, which include at least two on tech perspectives.

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(Relevant to the Indie Infrastructure discussions, but some useful overlap to the international co-ops community)

We’re excited about next week - it’s early days for this network but it brings together some very useful groups,

Also early April is IFF in Valencia, a couple of us GN folk will be there, as well as lots of our APC colleagues, any co-techers?


That sounds great, please mention CoTech and this looks like something that is right up Webarchitects street, we have met and worked with various people from Greenhost, RiseUp, LEAP, Autistici and MayFirst over the years so please pass on our support and solidarity :fist:.

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I’ve spent the weekend working with the librehosters network and I’d like to invite people from this forum to participate. The network is very young and we’re currently working to collectively agree on what it means to be in the network (similar challenges to cotech discussions). Please see our outcomes on and feel very welcome to join the debate.


Hi folks,

Just saying a quick ‘hello’ from I recently learned about this board from Rohan at and wanted to drop in to offer a warm greeting.

I’m also sharing this community link with the international Slack community.

We are definitely interested in supporting international solidarity within the tech co-op movement and welcome the work you all have done to lay a foundation for this and the opportunity to exchange ideas and resources here. I’m at rylan (at) if anyone here would like to converse via video chat regarding specific ideas for international collaboration.



Wicked! I’d love to have a chat with you but in a few weeks because I have lots of work on at the mo. Are you based in Aus as well? I had a quick email exchange with Rohan the other day and he was great.

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Hi Kayleigh!

I’m in upstate NY at the moment (born and raised in California) but just returning from 3 months in Asia (India / Indonesia). A solid block of our membership / member candidates are from India / Indo, and I’ll be heading back there to continue working from Asia later this year. :slight_smile:

You are based in the UK? Yes, would love to chat when things slow down … likewise a bit busy over here at the moment.


No rush from me, hope it slows down soon and we get a chance to chat. I am indeed in the UK, looking forward to chatting some time in the future.


Sounds good.
How’s your week looking next week? Drop me a line at rylan (at) to coordinate?

On the related topic of international solidarity you may find this blog post interesting I shared yesterday:

Likewise look forward to connecting Kayleigh!