👋 Introduce yourself!

Welcome Emma - from Webarchitects, a small tech co-op down the road in Sheffield. Your website looks nice, and it sounds like a really good project that you’re working on. Feel free to give us a shout if we (or any of the CoTech co-ops) can help :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

I’ve been running a web agency and doing freelance development and non-profit work for many years, currently exploring collaboration networks, co-ops and collectives where my skills, values, and contributions could be more aligned.

I’m super interested in how we can use technology to bring about improved coordination among those working for regenerative ends, and especially ways we can slip ourselves out of the clutches of structural-scarcity capitalism and into a cooperative economy.

I’m the instigator of the Collective Intelligence Network, producing podcasts, articles, and events about being smarter together.

Based in BC, Canada, but currently spending time in the UK.


Hi @AMcKenty, perhaps you might wish to consider coming to our gathering at the end of the month? Also CTRLshift might interest you.

By the way it took a little digging to working the URL of the RSS feed for your podcasts.


Thanks for the event suggestions @chris, and the heads up about the RSS feed. Definitely need to make that more visible, especially as I roll out a backlog of podcast material.

Both those events look fantastic! The Sheffield gathering is probably not going to fit with my itinerary, but CTRLShift is more likely. The UK seems to be the most active place in the world right now for economic/solidarity/tech/change work, so it’s exciting to be connecting with these networks.

By the way, in case you didn’t see the post for this: I’m running an event at Newspeak House on Thursday that has some relevance to cooperative technology, especially when it comes to technologies for coordination and decision making. It’s called Collective Intelligence Lab. More details here (and pardon the corporate event platform!): Collective Intelligence Lab Tickets, Thu, Apr 11, 2019 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite


I´m Carlos Zerpa, I’m a member of ECL which is a content-creation Co-op based in Caracas Venezuela. I have experience in Design, Project Management, Animation and Front-end development.
A few days ago I started a thread about a book project we are currently launching called Cooperative by Design. I just realized I forgot to present myself before, sorry to be so rude.
Thank you all, I’ll be lurking in the shadows :sunglasses:


Hi! I’m Lucy, I’ve been part of setting up InFact Digital for the last year and we’ve just become an official company. We mostly do design thinking, UX/UI and web development, always interested in learning new things though. I like tech but I like co-ops better :smile: I’m coming to the CoTech gathering at the end of April and looking forward to meeting lots of you there!


Hi @AMcKenty

’ use technology to bring about improved coordination among those working for regenerative ends… Collective Intelligence Network, producing podcasts, articles, and events about being smarter together’

Maybe also take a look at what’s going on at Diglife.coop / diglife.com. Lots on CI, network coordination/development - CaaS, open learning, mapping etc

Want to meet other CoTech people?

You’re welcome to the CoTech Spring Gathering - 25-26th April.

It’s in Sheffield, where accommodation has kindly been offered in housing co-ops on a pay-what-you-can donation basis.

It’s not expensive. Tickets start from £11, all the details are here.

Visitors will include some from tech co-ops in Argentina, members of CoTech’s equivalent, FACTTIC. The event includes workshops and discussion on themes like ‘climate and tech’ and ‘how can CoTech make a difference?’

The final agenda will be decided by those attending and you can join the discussion here:

Climate and tech

General discussion

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Seems like it has been quiet for sometime, so here goes some action… haha

I am Ken. I am a Malaysian that studied Mechanical Engineer in Germany and now living int he UK since april 2019 :sweat_smile: I‘m trying to get into IT and hence currently learning some web development skills. One of the projects that I am working on now is to help WeCo with their set up and there is where I got to know more about COOP. I am very interested and would be happy to be given any opportunity to support/work/start up COOPs as I believe that it is the place to be for a better future.

I was told that the few language I speak might be able to be of some use for Co-Tech. So if anyone needs a translator or if there’s any way i can be of help feel free to pm me :slight_smile: The language I speak are English, Mandarin, Malay, German, Cantonese and Taiwanese.

Looking forward to get to know all of you and COOPs more :slight_smile:

p.s: will try to be there for the april meeting but can only confirm later


That was April 2019, but we are meeting in Newcastle next month.

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Hi Ken, this is John from Code-Operative. I think you might know Hansen, who’s a member of our coop?

Whether you do or don’t, if you’re free next week, you could come visit our office and we can talk more about coops!

Opps…haha… okay, yeah I know about the meeting next month but I couldn’t make it…

Hi John,

Yes, I know Hansen and about Code-Operative.

Sure! When will you be free to meet up? I ilve in Hexham and am in Newcastle on Sunday but i guess you are not working then :stuck_out_tongue:


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No, I’m not there on Sunday. I might be there next week but I’ll let you know. Hansen says he’s meeting you on Sunday so he can let you know all about our situation.

Hi Ross,

I think we connected on LinkedIn a week or so ago? Sorry for not replying to your message (which I think you sent). I’d be happy to have a chat and point you in some good directions and great to hear your enthusiasm for the coop.

I’m also working on a project that is aiming to help people exactly in your situation so I may have a request fo you as well if that’s OK! Feel free to email me on Aaron[at]agile[dot]coop.



Member, Agile Collective


I’m Oliver. Member of Cetis. A computer scientist, who’s gone from data science to user centred design in a big way. Confused by my own CV and LinkedIn. I’m broadly interested in projects relating to making life more just, work more fair and society more sustainable. Currently researching ways to support gig economy couriers and developing a project with my co-op to tackle the loneliness of older adults and those without Digital access/literacy during and post COVID-19.

Still looking to make a leap from fixed term academia contracts into co-op work.

@bates_oliver on social media.

Always happy to chat :slight_smile:



Ah, economies of scale.

We’ve developed an idea of a deflation economy effectively permitting purchase discounts enjoyed by buyers at no cost (revenue shortfall) to the merchants offering the discounts - can you beat that! Would love to share!

Hi y’all!

I’m Adolfo, a software developer from Portugal increasingly curious about worker co-ops.
Any one in Portugal interested in starting a tech co-op?


Hi everyone! I’ve been around for a bit but realized I never introduced myself. I’m Mike :wave:. I’m a sort of software developer/aid worker, having just immigrated to the UK from Jordan (and America before that). I’ve recently co-founded a limited by guarantee company called the Federation of Humanitarian Technologists. We aim for it to be a member-run organization (I suppose it already is but we only have two members, both of whom are directors).

I’m interested in building better tools for aid workers and creating a sustainable non-profit tech co-operative that doesn’t have to worry about laying off staff every time a donor changes its mind about who it wants to give their money to. I have a lot to learn and often times don’t even know what questions to ask so please be patient with me. I’ve had a great time (mostly) lurking here and getting to know the work everyone here has been doing and hope to become a more active member in the future. Please do reach out and say hi if any of this sounds interesting to you :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Asia. I work with Good Praxis as BD. New to working in coops but been on this side via initiatives such as Radical Herbalist Network, Crampton 56a, deliberative democracy. Highly itinerant, currently on the Black Isle organising rural community response.