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Hey Guys,
Am not a recent signup but done it few months ago and kept on following up what’s happening with the community here. Every week there is something interesting happening from event postings to jobs to new ideas. Refreshing to see this and will continue to involve whichever I can here.

Am JK from Tradly Platform, We develop marketplace and peer to peer based apps as a SaaS solution. Cooperative is a interesting and impactful method. So am here learning about this model and see how I can shape product to solve this needs or enhance it further to be a standalone product for this market.

Looking forward to closely interact with you guys!


Hi JK! I’m a little irritated that your hello post got flagged instead of someone using their words to correct your misstep. :confused:

I’m glad you’re visiting here from a place with one foot firmly planted outside the co-op sector. We need more bridge people. I suspect it was the mention of your own platform (and suspicion on your “ecosystem marketing” blog posts) that someone had issue with, and perhaps suspected your intentions to be marketing instead of deeper curiosity.

What are your interests in co-ops? Is it more in developing products to support, or are you interested in exploring it for the operations of your company itself?

There is a strong thread in the co-op community where co-ops support creation and development of products and services offered by other co-ops whenever possible. Targeting service of the co-op sector without engaging in the substance of their values within your own business will likely be a poor use of your time, regardless of any good intentions :slight_smile:

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Hey Patcon,
Thanks for the message to clarify my intention. Am very much curious about alternative system and methods to traditional/mass followed activites. So Cooperative Society is something. Am finding ways how this sort of new models(or only new to me) can solve problems. That’s my intention.

When i find the solution, I cannot just sympathise but need to see how I can contribute. So I use my company to build digital infrastructure to support that.

Hope that clarifies. It looks introduction with what we doing looks sales to the system.

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Totally! It definitely clarifies :slight_smile: And I think you’re right about where the confusion was.

Anyhow, welcome! Hopefully I’ll catch you around

Thank you,
So the post will be hidden ?

Hey JK,

I also think it’s a shame your post was flagged without explaination.

I would start here learning about the co-op model:
Understanding co‑ops | Co-operatives UK
Support for your co‑op | Co-operatives UK

I see it as a more common-sense way of working, with more democracy in decision making and a fairer distribution of profit. We’re working on writing a post about explaining the benefits of co-op structure, so feel free to get in touch with anything you’re unclear on.

I think your post would still remain hidden because of the reason patcon stated, but I would introduce yourself again in the thread below if you still find the model appealing.



Hey @Chris, Totally fine. What I wish from the community from is observing how everybody is solving the problem. So am already getting it. The introduction doesn’t matter.

Appreciate your two links, Added in my reading list! See you around.

I had a notification to review it and just approved it :smiley: no longer hidden.

Also: hello! And welcome. Glad you’re interested in knowing more about co-ops and worker ownership and control.

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