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Nice one, Radical Herbalist Network :green_heart:

Síofгa Tech Worker-Owned Cooperative & Intentional Community
dba Síofгa Tech Musıc Instгuments

Intentıonal Common Sense foг Intentıonal Communıty
Intentional Community
Worker-Owned Cooperative
Mixed-Use Built & Natural Space
Residential-Learning-Light Industry
Sociocratic aka Dynamic Self-Governance
Public Benefit or Social Purpose Corporation
Business Support & Community Infrastructure

I am Muirén (sounds like moorRAYN), pronouns She, Her, and I identify as African-American Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, Lesbian, Cooperative Enterprise and Product Architect, Advocate for Ecocentric Socially Responsible Technology.

My message is to the literate, deliberate, and thoughtful, those who see frontiers closer to earth as a higher priority than the orbital luxury hotels, interworld cruise ships, and Martian colonies that neo-Liberals fantasise escape to after they have burned this world to the ground, murder-working millions for personal gain.

I am founding a worker-owned cooperative and intentional community with intended development on a mixed-use zoned site (King, Pierce, Thurston Counties ), and incorporated as a For-Profit, Social Purpose Corporation.

Though open to all, this co-creative community will purposefully employ those who identify as members of the Trans, Gender Non-Conforming and Non-Binary community with a specific, clear and unambiguous mission to secure long-term socioeconomic justice for historically excluded people of Indigenous and African Descent.

Self-Supporting by our own efforts, we are devoted to innovative ArtScience products and services, the creation of Music Instruments and Systems, Communications, Performance, Craft, Artisanship, Intellectual Property and Patent Management.

This is not a legal fiction to promote my personal brand nor the use of buzz words like collaborative and collective as meaningless add-copy, but cooperative as a legally binding part of our letters of incorporation.

Economic Democracy for Social Democracy
To Optimize Human Strengths, Accommodate Human Limitations.
Not for the idly curious, serious enquiries only, find more under Intentional Community at HTTPS://SIOFRA.TECH

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I’m Yuliy from an IT security co-op, which isn’t a member of CoTech. I’m looking for like-minded people, who work in IT and who are brave enough to form a co-op.

As I can see we still have a deficiency of knowledge in culture and HR areas in our co-op, but we are working on this. For example, we are studying a sociocratic model of governance, evolution of informal organizations, and other related topics.


Hi there (",)

Chris here :wave:

I am a medical doctor, software engineer and independent researcher as well as a co-founder of the SisonkeBiotik machine learning and health research community. This community and a few others related to data science and research in Africa recently formed a collective. We were inspired by the collective structure of CoTech generally and would like to extend an invitation to explore potential avenues of collaboration :earth_africa: :heart:

We were also impressed with how well your network was presented on your website. We have made a fork of your website code for our own collective’s website https://grassroots-parti.africa/ - it is still mostly under construction and has not been shared widely. However before we can potentially proceed, we weren’t able to find any licencing information as part of your code repository :sweat_smile: @chris is this usage of CoTech’s code base permitted?

I am also here to apply for your Network Coordinator role.

The job description mentioned that, to apply, one should email CoTech. However, I can’t seem to find an email for CoTech and the website generally requests individuals to reach out via this forum. I hope that this introductions thread is satisfactory :raised_hands:

@KingMob please see this link for i) my application / cover letter and ii) my curriculum vitae CoTech application – Google Drive

Keen to connect on the job application or any general interest around collaboration :heart_hands:


Sorry for the late reply, @nick did attempt to GPL it but it looks like it is 9 people short so far, however I’d suggest you could assume that it is the GPLv3, it’s good to see it being reused :slight_smile: .

Hi @chris thanks! Appreciate that! Going forward I will assume GPLv4 then :ok_hand:

Really liked how straight forward it was to work with. Kudos to those at Glowbox Design, Go Free Range and Outlandish :raised_hands:

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Greeting from Mexico City,

joined to learn more about tech worker coops and attempt to form a tech development worker coop in Mexico City using copyfarleft ( GitHub - LibreCybernetics/awesome-copyfarleft: [Mirror] Upstream: https://nest.pijul.com/fabian/awesome-copyfarleft / LibreCybernetics · GitHub )

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Oops, I made a typo, it is of course the GPLv3, there is no v4 yet :roll_eyes:

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Welcome @fabianhjr ! We have a topic for this if you ever want to discuss issues related to software licenses:


Noted (",) Thanks!

I missed that as well :sweat_smile:

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Hi From Birmingham :wave:

A Little Bit About Me :grin:

I’ve recently graduated from a fullstack coding bootcamp at the University of Birmingham.
I’ve been coding for a few years, teaching my self the basics and getting fairly good at buidling some fullstack TypeScript, React and NextJS apps.

I’ve always been super passionate about the labor movement in general and would like to get to the point where I could start up my own cooperative as well. But right now I’d just like to get involved in whatever way I can.

I’ve done all sorts of stuff from drama school, running a bar, producing and performing in shows and have a passion for a lot of things. But I’d really like to be part of something meaningful and build cool tech in an ethical way.

If there’s anything I can do to help out or if you feel like I could be of assistance please feel free to get in contact. Just would like to get involved with cooperatives in whatever way I can :+1:

Portfolio :night_with_stars:


Get In Contact :telephone_receiver:


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