CoTech Propaganda WG?

Buried in a thread about technical stuff relating to ActivityPub, @decentral1se asked:

Who wants to start the CoTech Propaganda Work Group?

Given there are :star_struck: amazing designers within the CoTech network, I think this is a great idea. Who’s interested in that working group?

(hope I’m not stepping on any toes here - I did see something in the thread about the next CoTech call, but just wanted to bring this to wider attention!)



I’m pretty interested in getting involved. Not a graphic designer though :smiley:


See you here hopefully to discuss Circle Call 2021-06-30 - CoTech :point_left:


Hello! We discussed this today in the June monthly call. We were very enthusiastic about it. The conclusion was that we would be best to organise a call for everyone who is interested in this group in principle, and figure out the first achievable objectives and how to approach them? :slight_smile:

does Wednesday 14th July work for everyone ? I’ll open a poll below :calendar:

In the June call we discussed:

  • The potential benefits of having a defined role for a network facilitator
  • The overlapping of interest between unions, co-operatives and software tools
    • the York Collective (a courier’s co-operative) which sprung out from the courier’s strikes against Deliveroo and Uber Eats. Coop Cycle which is a platform co-operative tool federating courier’s co-operatives
    • Wobbly, @KingMob 's communication tool designed for decentralised unions (inspired by the same wave of strikes)
    • the potential synergy between co-operatives supporting unions and unions founding co-operatives. October’s conference of union co-ops posted on the forum today by @chris
  • Alternative content such as this interactive game about trust and mutual aid in the spontaneous peaces of WW1, and this text-based adventure game supporting the August 2018 prison strike
  • Propagandising CoTech, and propagandising co-operative ideas and principles in general
  • the potential in large union organisations for helping us in these efforts
  • that networking and making personal contacts with likeminded organisations would be a good first step in organising something larger-scale

In the old thread we also discussed:


FYI there is a poll functionality in Discourse, start a post or comment and then click the cog and then “Build Poll”.

Thanks for the update @calummackervoy - I can’t do week beginning 12th July (doing a course!) but also don’t want to be a blocker.

I am very interested in this, though, so if others can’t make the date you’ve proposed, I’d welcome it being the week after?

14:00 BST on any of the following days ?

  • Monday 19th July
  • Tuesday 20th July
  • Wednesday 21st July
  • Thursday 22nd July
  • Friday 23rd July
  • Later!

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How much longer is the poll open for @calummackervoy? :slight_smile:

Thanks for reminding me :sweat_smile: it closes RIGHT NOW! So Tuesday 20th July at 14:00 BST it is, then :slight_smile:


I’m happy to prepare an agenda / help facilitate / use my Zoom room / just come along to this @calummackervoy - let me know how I can help!

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I’ve added a draft agenda here Propaganda Working Group 2021-07-20 - CoTech but please feel free to add/change as you like :slight_smile:

I commented also on the call’s thread with a summary of the agenda structure I went for, but I’m not precious about it if you have other ideas!

Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to make the 2pm call on Tuesday as I have a clash currently. Apologies for missing the poll. I’m still keen to be involved though and will join the next meeting.