CoTech Gathering: Branding, comms & marketing

Hi all,

Looking forward to the Gathering in a few weeks. In advance I thought I’d share some work we did as a CoTech collaboration with Outlandish, Agile, Wave, Co-operative Web, Go Free Range & Small Axe in preparation for discussions with Coop Group. We created a short deck to showcase the Software Development Services within CoTech which you can access here: []

In preparing this deck we interviewed a range of CoTech members and drew out common threads around messaging, identity and values so happy to share this in more detail during the Gathering. We will likely not join the specific hack on Branding, comms & marketing but very happy to update at the start on any work we’ve done to date which might be useful!




Hi Cat, thanks for sharing the deck and starting this thread.

Myself and Jana & Luke from Small Axe have just had a good phone call about our plans.

Yes please, we’d love to kick off on Thursday with a short presentation from you about your work to date on messaging, identity, values comms and marketing. We appreciate you may not stay in the comms hack, but would love your input to start off with.

We hear there’s another hack group working specifically on updating the Co-Tech website. Since the top job for the Comms hack is website text, there’s obvious overlap. So Small Axe will get in touch with the group working on updating the Co-Tech website and ask if the two groups can join up together for the Thursday morning session.

For the record, here’s my notes on Jana and Luke and I discussed
(Luke, Jana, please update if I forgot stuff)

Thurs am:
Join up with website update group

  • Find out the plans the website update groupfor the Gathering
  • Cat/Dot presentation
  • workshop exercise, approx 2 hrs, led by Jana and Luke, on who are the audiences we are trying to reach - who are the people who should be CoTech clients (we’d really like the website update group to join in this exercise)
  • Using results from workshop, identify specific pages of text to draft for the website


Thurs pm:
Comms hack working separately from website update group

  • develop elevator pitch for each of the audiences we’ve identified
  • break into very small groups to draft text for each page or group
  • share and swap drafts to polish them
    Aim to end on Thursday with usable new text to give to the website update group
    End of Thursday - decide how best to spend the time on Friday

We’ll decide what Comms group does on Friday at the end of Thursday.


  1. If the web text we wrote on Thursday needs more work or polishing or testing - work on the web text

  2. Explore what we can do to make CoTech visible to the audiences we want to reach:

  • is there a low-resource way, using the existing social media presence of CoTech members, to make Co-Tech visible on social media ?
  • what other channels can we use to reach potential clients ? e.g. how could we use mainstream media ?

We agreed that CoTech branding is ok for now and not a good use of time at this Gathering to start work on branding.

Look forward to see you all at the CoTech gathering
cheers, Lucinda


KA-POW!!! That’s the kind of post I like to read :smiley:

Go Comms team!

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Yep - I’m getting that group together :wave:. Talking early on Thursday sounds like a good plan!

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Hi Chris
We didn’t know if your group already has a detailed plan for the two days?
Our request is that our two groups join up for Thursday morning, with everyone from both taking part in a workshop to help identify who are the audiences / potential CoTech clients.
Let us know if that could work. If we promise to make the workshop entertaining.
cheers, L

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This all sounds good to me - I’m happy to feed in at the start re. the comms piece for Coop Group

I love this project! :heart_eyes:
I saw the link with all the information and how do you set it for pitch. It looks amazing!!
It’s similar on how we are making some credentials at CambaCoop for commercial use.

congrats everyone!

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Can’t think of a good place to put this - but the way my mind works it fits under marketing - a mechanism for distributing leads with losing them

The Bun protocol -

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they’ve managed to write a surprisingly large amount about eating a bun!

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shurely shome mishtake… I’d say that’s more ‘sales’

… then again, maybe not :grinning:

Great article tho

I just take a quick glance at this article but it seems really complete to explain how cooperative work could be. The metaphor about the bun and how you can go over contracts with a logic of cooperative is very interesting.
Don’t get the bun only for you, share, generate more ways for take the bun…

@Neto we could check this in a deeper analysis for Facttic

thanks for sharing @PeteBurden

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