EU gravy train: Culture of solidarity in times of an infodemic - 40k up for grabs, deadline 31rst march

This call supports cross-border collaborative initiatives that reinforce a European Culture of Solidarity by contributing to open and democratic European digital and other media spaces. The Fund is open to individuals, collectives and organisations and supports initiatives that produce tangible results as well as have the potential of a sustainable impact and that fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Cross-border media collaborations that address societal issues across Europe that have become more imminent as a direct or indirect consequence of the pandemic.
  • Development of digital tools that are based on shared public values and that have the potential to contribute to a digital European public infrastructure.
  • Storytelling for increased public attention and policy awareness regarding the needs and opportunities for open and democratic European digital and other media spaces.

This sounds like it might be good for

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We’re delighted to say that we picked up this grant at Autonomic for our Co-op Cloud project. More in :rainbow_flag: :rocket: :cloud:

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