Worker Coop Weekend is 11-13 May


I’m involved (with @Kayleigh and @aaron) in designing the programme for this year’s Worker Coop Weekend in the peak District, 11-13 May. Looking for feedback/ideas, but looks likely to include sessions on: taking SolidFund to the next level; ‘barefoot’ coop development; possibly something on decentralised organising. Also a focus on new business referrals. For those not familiar it’s immersive, cheap and fun (for the most part…)

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@sion - have folks brought their families along to this before? Any tips on accomodation etc?


Last year there was a lady from Rhizome (I think) with her family including dog. There’s a BnB right next to it and lots of space to walk around and get fresh air.


The only tip I have is that some people camping last year found it cold — bring two sleeping bags per person, this is the location of Foundry Adventure Centre on OSM:


And sleep with a thick wooly hat on!



Hi Chris see remarks below, it’s a fairly remote location; the adjacent B&B is likely to be booked up; so plenty of space for camping, and pretty relaxed atmosphere, otherwise you’ll probably need car transport to another B&B in the district