Worker Coop Weekend is 11-13 May


Just chucking this in as a thought re CoTech gathering: if we ran it in parallel with WCW at a bigger and better-equipped venue (e.g. the Oxford venue we used three years ago, when the Young Cooperators Network successfully ran their training event/conference alongside), it might accelerate/cross fertilise both CoTech and the wider worker networks - and save money/effort. In fact I’m going to float this in a separate thread …


Excellent news!

One thing I’ve been thinking about a little is how we might build a phone-app that makes it even easier than it already is for people to start little food buying co-ops with their neighbours and then get bulk food deliveries from Suma etc.

To me it is bonkers that more people don’t get ALL their dry goods from Suma or one of the others. It is pretty easy to do it already, but I reckon a nice phone app could make it really easy (e.g. with Suma it is possible to split cases of most things but first you have to work out the % of the case you want and then enter 0.17 if you just want one bottle of olive oil from a case of 6 - the phone app could take this small hassle away from you and let you just add one bottle of olive oil to your cart etc etc).

Open Food Network UK (who are also a co-op) have already been working with some of the food wholesaler co-ops to make it easy for people to import all their products so perhaps could collaborate with them… and thinking out loud, I wonder if Open Food Network UK should join CoTech too! :smiley:

CORE-POS: The Cooperative Point of Sale System