Worker Coop Weekend 2020

#WCW20 is in Derbyshire next year. See thread discussions re running CoTech gathering in parallel. Would be good!

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Agreed, the 2019 thread is here, I was planning on proposing this on the first CoTech decision making circle call.

Incidentally we appear to have found a bug with the location plugin, it doesn’t have a map link above, so I have raised an issue on GitHub and posted it to the developers Discourse server. The map link above is now working, I’m not sure why it wasn’t before :thinking:

Following a discussion about this proposal on the call today I have posted a formal decision thread on Loomio and also started a thread on the Workers Co-op Weekend Loomio board regarding the proposal.

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Just one day left to run on the Loomio poll asking:

  1. Are you intending attending the CoTech / Workers Co-op Weekend in 2020?
  2. Would you attend an additional CoTech day at the start of the weekend (Thur-Sun)?
  3. Are you willing to help organise the CoTech / Workers Co-op Weekend 2020?

It would be great to have some more feedback!

Yes I would like to attend Workers Co-op Weekend 2020 and additional CoTech day :slight_smile:

I have heard from John Atherton at Coops UK that the date of the Worker Coop Weekend has changed to 15th - 17th May to avoid it being on the May Bank Holiday weekend.

Not sure how tp update the date in the thread. @chris are you able to?

Have done @aaron, however there appears to be a bug with the location plugin as this has stopped working… so I have posted a comment about this on the GitHub project and the Location plugin appears to be working again.