Co-operatives UK Workers Co-op Weekend May 10th-12th 2019


Latest on Worker Coop Weekend venue, weekend of 10 May, I’m pasting @athertonjohn’s latest communiqué:

Last week I’ve been manically phoning round places, a lot are booked up but I have had one come back that is free and within our price range, I may yet get more as some enquiries still outstanding.

But if I have to make a decision quickly, due to interest that weekend is this one ok?

We have the campsite, with your standard shower block and toilets, he is also suggesting:

Oak lodge as our main base. Standard seem to be better that last year, but difficult to judge and there is a smattering of of other cabins if people want even more privacy at more cost

Camping in £14 per person for weekend

Dorms works out at about £70 per person for the weekend (but there are no other costs to hire rooms etc).

So averaging it out I think I can get a similar price to last year.

Location is pretty good as well, near Kettering, just off the A6, but local train station is 6 miles so not walk able.

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CoTech Spring 2019 Gathering : 25-26th April in Sheffield
CoTech Spring 2019 Gathering : 25-26th April in Sheffield

Sounds good to me, thanks @Sion for posting it and thanks @athertonjohn for organising it, I think this event deserves it’s own thread, so I’m going to split it off, this will leave a link behind.

The Co-operatives UK site has been updated with these details:



WCW booking is now live. John has put up a Google doc for programme ideas and offers. The venue looks a definite step up from the last 2 years but still low cost.

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I’ve just booked a couple of camping tickets for myself and @nick — anyone else from CoTech thinking of going? Do we want to do a session? If we do, on what? Last year we had some good conversations regarding food co-ops working with tech co-ops but I don’t think there much, if any, follow up to this.

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