DevOps / sysadmin skills sharing group

We had a great Ansible session at the CoTech gathering in November 2018, should we create a “DevOps / sysadmin skills sharing” group with the aim of doing more things like this?


Sounds great! I’m an Ansible beginner but I do prefer it as a devops tool to some of the other things out there. I primarily use it for Discourse related work, and have some Ansible playbooks I could share around this. Perhaps there’s scope to co-develop and optimise a library of useful Ansible stuff.

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Sounds like a good idea to me. I’m always up for learning new server / devops / sysadmin stuff and happy to share stuff I’ve done.

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I’m interested, tho we use Salt here :slight_smile:

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Apart from Hostsharing eG in Germany who are also use Salt, I think most other tech co-ops are using Ansible.

Practically what could we do with this next, is anyone else interested in this topic going to be at the 2020 worker co-op weekend in May?

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I’m very interested in picking this stuff up, but I speak as a total beginner so can only really help arrange the session rather than run it.

These are the recommendations on guilds that we came up with at the conference:

  • to create a page on the Discourse Forum
  • to hold a face-to-face meeting to kick-off, and to have this as regular as possible
  • to have an instant messaging platform to communicate through

I believe that we’re missing an IM platform for guilds to use, and I’d like to propose that I set up a Startin’ Blox instance on a subdomain of

One thing to note is that Startin’ Blox is in the Alpha stage of development, and so the feature set is currently like an incomplete Rocket Chat, and it has some bugs. Development is racing along and in future it will be much more complete with lots of useful features for skills sharing and co-operation between co-ops - driven ideally by the needs of CoTech :slight_smile:

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I’d be interested in seeing that, I did volunteer to set up a server but I haven’t got around to that yet, I can add DNS records as needs be, let me know what sub-domain(s) should be pointed at which IP addresses.


@calummackervoy did you see the post here about the Startin’blox open-source chat?

If and when I have some spare time I might have a play at setting this up on a server…