What "stack" of business/ comms/ collaboration tools are you using?


I was browsing around https://stackshare.io/business_tools the other day and wondering what members of CoTech are using to collaborates on documents, have video meetings, project manage, organise, etc etc?

So, what tools do you use? Thanks!

Part of why I ask is that I’m very interested in projects like CommonsCloud (which brings together NextCloud, Discourse and Phabricator) and would one day soon like to stop using Google for email, docs etc and instead start using open source tools like NextCloud etc

So I’m also especially interested in experience people might have using open source alternatives to all the tools listed here https://stackshare.io/business_tools (the top 10 being G Suite, Slack, WordPress, Trello, JIRA, Mailchimp, Skype, Confluence, Zendesk, Intercom), e.g.

Tool -> Open Source alternative

G Suite -> NextCloud with Collabora Online etc

Slack -> Rocket.Chat, Mattermost, etc - anyone using either of these or another open option?

WordPress -> already open source :slight_smile:

Trello -> WeKan, Taiga, or maybe even Phabricator or GitLab? - anyone using any of those?

JIRA -> as for Trello? What else? OpenProject?

Mailchimp -> There must be better options than Mailman these days, no? Mailtrain? Odoo Email Marketing? phplist? anything else?

Skype -> NextCloud Talk? Mumble? Jitsi?

Some other similar/ related/ relevant threads:


e.g. here are the tools that Loomio use:

source: https://loomio.coop/communications.html


And here is similar image of some of the comms tools Enspiral use:

Source: https://handbook.enspiral.com/guides/comms_guidelines.html / https://kumu.io/enspiral/comms


The OuiShare network also list some of the core collaboration tools they use:

  • Slack - internal discussions, replacing most emails
  • Loomio - Discussions, Debate & Decisions Making
  • Trello - Project management
  • Cobudget - Collaborative Funding
  • Google Drive - File Storage
  • Dropbox - file storage for admininistrative documents
  • Mindmeister - Knowledge mapping
  • Telegram - informal discussions (both topic and non-work related)
  • (Google) Calenders - OuiShare events & internal meetings


At Autonomic we use:

Sandstorm - Etherpad, Ethercalc, Rocketchat, Davros, MediaWiki WeKan, Radikal, Piwik

Great platform. Lightweight and with a focus on security. Apps can be a bit outdated but are still secure due to sandboxing security model. Users can throw up apps as they need them without an admin. Self hosted.

Mumble - Voice chat server

Little fiddly to configure but provides the most stable and high quality voice chat we have tried as long as you use headphones with a mic. Has mobile apps. Self hosted.

Pass - Password management

We have a nifty repo based pass setup that hopefully we have time to document someday.

Gitlab Git hosting, Pipeline/CI, Service desk, Task management

Better than Github IMO. We currently use gitlab.com but would like to move to git.coop when possible.

Signal End to end encrypted messaging

Secure and mobile focused.


We also discussed this at Wortley Hall in 2016 and created a wiki page for self hosted services, though I can see it could do with some updating…


I use Mattermost for a couple of projects thatI’m involved in. Pretty good slack alternative.
I use Nextcloud with another project - file sharing, also supports calendaring and text/audio/video chat, and has a range of apps that can be installed, inc a thing that looks and works like Trello.
For bulk email I use CiviCRM.

There’s not a lot to stop you from dumping Gmail almost immediately. In fact I can’t see much in the way of good sense for sticking with it, particularly in light of the latest information that 3rd party devs are scanning your post.


Cool, I wasn’t aware of Nextcloud Deck before you mentioned Nextcloud has “a thing that looks and works like Trello” and I went investigating :slight_smile:

More Deck links:


@chris have we got this feature turned on at https://office.coops.tech? It looks like fairly early days and so I’d like to have a play and see how it actually compares to Trello and WeKan (which seems like the most developed open source Trello clone) :slight_smile:


Yes, have a play with it and let us know how you get on, I haven’t used it, this is a full list of apps:

occ app:list
  - activity: 2.6.1
  - admin_audit: 1.3.0
  - admin_notifications: 1.0.1
  - bruteforcesettings: 1.1.0
  - calendar: 1.6.1
  - circles: 0.14.0
  - comments: 1.3.0
  - contacts: 2.1.5
  - dav: 1.4.7
  - deck: 0.3.1
  - federatedfilesharing: 1.3.1
  - federation: 1.3.0
  - files: 1.8.0
  - files_external: 1.4.1
  - files_markdown: 2.0.4
  - files_pdfviewer: 1.2.1
  - files_sharing: 1.5.0
  - files_texteditor: 2.5.1
  - files_trashbin: 1.3.0
  - files_versions: 1.6.0
  - files_videoplayer: 1.2.0
  - firstrunwizard: 2.2.1
  - gallery: 18.0.0
  - logreader: 2.0.0
  - lookup_server_connector: 1.1.0
  - nextcloud_announcements: 1.2.0
  - notes: 2.3.2
  - notifications: 2.1.2
  - oauth2: 1.1.1
  - ojsxc: 3.4.0
  - passman: 2.1.4
  - password_policy: 1.3.0
  - provisioning_api: 1.3.0
  - richdocuments: 2.0.10
  - serverinfo: 1.3.0
  - sharebymail: 1.3.0
  - socialsharing_email: 1.0.3
  - spreed: 3.2.2
  - survey_client: 1.1.0
  - systemtags: 1.3.0
  - tasks: 0.9.6
  - theming: 1.4.5
  - twofactor_backupcodes: 1.2.3
  - twofactor_totp: 1.4.1
  - updatenotification: 1.3.0
  - workflowengine: 1.3.0
  - encryption
  - socialsharing_facebook
  - socialsharing_googleplus
  - socialsharing_twitter
  - twofactor_u2f
  - user_external
  - user_ldap


Works fine (once I realised the “add new stack” button was hidden behind the chat! Before that I couldn’t for the life of me work out how to add cards to the boards!) although it’d be nice if it integrated with the Tasks app (doesn’t seem to, yet), and I’d really like it to be able to have check lists within cards like you can on Trello and WeKan.