Setting up self-hosted CoTech Workadventure

Hi @luckow, that’s super-helpful, thank you! (and thanks @jdaviescoates for putting us in touch) I am going to try the Cloudron and the public WA instances today, to rule out problems my end.

Any tips on debugging WebRTC? I used Trickle ICE to test my TURN server and it seemed fine, but still no :game_die: :game_die:


@luckow I just tested on the Cloudron instance with my colleague and we have the same problems there.

When we go near each other, we get the circle to indicate there’s meant to be a 1-on-1 connection, but:

  • I don’t see any other visual feedback except the chat icon appearing
  • My colleague sees a spinner where it’s meant to load my video, but it never loads
  • My colleague sees “participants: 2” in the chat window, I see “participants: 1”, neither of us can see each other’s chat messages

Other WebRTC apps like BigBlueButton and Jitsi work fine for me. Any clues? I did find this issue on Github which seems to match my symptoms, but no line on a fix yet: No 1:1 session outside a room possible · Issue #787 · thecodingmachine/workadventure · GitHub

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