Reorganising and migrating CoTech sites and servers

I’ve been promising to rationalise and reorganise the CoTech hosting services Webarchitects provides for a while and also to configure services on the domain and invoice for this years hosting and I’m going to make a start on this today and use this repo for all the Ansible.

This will result in some downtime for services as they are moved!


Of course this is taking longer than anticipated… :roll_eyes: … however, today I have:

  • Created a new repo for managing the Bind 9 zone files for and , if anyone who knows how to edit Bind 9 zone files and needs or would like access to this let me know your username and I can add you to the project. This repo is private.
  • Created two new micro servers, one for Discourse and one for the Jekyll site and also all the PHP based sites (Nextcloud, MediaWiki, Lime Survey etc).
  • Configured the new server using the Ansible in this repo.
  • Migrated the Nextcloud site to the new server.
  • Generated an invoice for Webarchitects services to CoTech for 2022 for £1,553.79 (this is less than the invoice for 2021 which was for £1,683.44 despite the fact that last year we were not VAT registered and this years invoice includes £251.50 for VAT).


  • Migrate all the other PHP sites (,,
  • Update the website repo to install the and sites on the new server.
  • Install Matomo (currently the sites use a Matomo instance on a Webarchitects shared hosting server) and configure it to collect stats from the public sites,, and perhaps using this plugin.
  • Configure Icinga and Munin monitoring for the new servers, sites and services.
  • Configure email on the domain.
  • Update the Ansible we have for Discourse so that it can be included as a role into the servers repo.
  • Migrate this Discourse site to the new server.
  • Document how other people can use Ansible to update and maintain the servers and add and remove accounts and services.

Well done Chris. That looks like a tremendous amount of work. Brilliant.

When is the next Cooperative Technologists face to face meeting like the one shown in the Nextcloud Login page page. Any idea?

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15th-16th June in Birmingham, the thread for it is pinned at the top of the front page, further details on the wiki.

Oh, that’s handy. I am booked in to go to the Co-op UK conference so I will see you there.
All the best,


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I’ve copied this forum to and I’ll do some testing to check that everything is working there and then later today take a final backup of Discourse on this server and copy it to that server then update the DNS, shutdown the old server and rebuild the Docker container and then we will be up and running on the new VM.

This is a test to see if email is working post-migration…

If this message appears then that means that reply by email is working!

However this is a DKIM issue that needs fixing:

ARC-Authentication-Results: i=1;                                                                                                                         ;                                                                                                                               
        spf=temperror ( error in processing during lookup of     
        DNS error);                                                    
        dmarc=temperror reason="SPF/DKIM temp error" (policy=temperror)                                                            

This is a reply to check if the DKIM issues have been resolved…

The DKIM issue has been resolved, outgoing email is now DKIM signed, but there is a SPF issue:

ARC-Authentication-Results: i=1;                                                                                                                         ;                                                                                                                               
        dkim=pass header.s=20220605 header.b=XXX;                                                                      
        spf=softfail ( is neither permitted nor denied by domain of                                                                                                                                   ;                                                               
        dmarc=pass (policy=none)                                                        

But hopefully this has been fixed with this DNS update:

dig TXT +short
"v=spf1 a mx ip4: ~all"

Looks good to me:

ARC-Authentication-Results: i=1;                                                                        ;                                                                                 
        dkim=pass header.s=20220605 header.b=XXX;                     
        spf=pass ( domain of                                                             designates as   
        permitted sender)                                                                               ;              
        dmarc=pass (policy=none) 

There are some internal hyperlinks, for example the one in this post that point to so I’m going to run the last couple of commands documented in this post to sort that out:

discourse remap
Rewriting all occurrences of to

The above has run OK, now the regenerating all the posts is underway…

And that has now completed:

rake posts:rebake
Rebaking post markdown for 'default'
    13301 / 13301 (100.0%)
13301 posts done!
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