CoTech servers Ansible

The Ansible configuration for the two CoTech servers is available in this repo and before the gathering in Glasgow I’m aiming to migrate the various sites that are currently running on other servers onto the servers this repo manages.

Then, if there are at least two others interested (I’m looking at you @liam and @alanpeart :wink: ), I’d like to to host a beginners Ansible workshop based on what we have up and running for CoTech at the gathering in parallel with the Bossed or Boss? session, so 2-5pm on 10th November 2022.

I think it would be of particular interest to @liam as we are using very similar Ansible for the two servers and for @alanpeart as we have started to setup a server like this for, it would also be of interest to @Graham as he has a server provisioned in the same manner however I’m aware that he can’t make it to Glasgow.

Does that sound like a sensible plan @Louise ?

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Sounds good to me, looking forward to it

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Sounds awesome, I’m in!

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Great, I have added an Ansible workshop to the agenda, the only think I thing we will need is a projector and something to project onto, does anyone have one they can bring? @Louise are there any at the venue?

Hi Chris
Yes, we’ll have a projector so no problem for that parallel session.
We could set you up in the Project Room if that would be helpful as it’s not many people? It’s smaller, and you can shut the door so it’s out of the way of any folk milling around.

Thanks @Louise that sounds perfect, does the projector have a HDMI input? Or is is VGA only?

There will probably only be the three of us but if anyone else would like to join they would be welcome.