Core DAO - Looking for Founders


Core DAO is a 1 person collective right now that is trying to make a truly scalable co-op. Where co-ops can support each other by providing services, funding and work. Individuals can move between co-ops freely and provide value to the projects that they believe in.

This project has been 1 year of work and the MVP is ready to use. While I have collaborated with several high profile academics in the cooperative world, I am interested in creating a solution that works not just in theory but in practice. To this end, I am looking for a pilot team (2 - 3) people that would like to have a hand in fundamentally shaping a cooperative of cooperatives that could hopefully change the world.

I am looking for passionate people who create and learn.

If you are interested I’d love to discuss it.

Thank you

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Hi @thystler and welcome.
Whilst I’m sceptical of the whole crypto/DAO space it’s a healthy scepticism and I’m open to be convinced that there is real value in this tech for developing and supporting cooperation at scale. I have little time to commit, but I’m very interested and happy to be involved if you will have me.

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That scepticism is well-founded. I would love to deploy this on a blockchain in the future but for now, DAO describes that there are some clear rules at play for the governance of the system (an algorithm) and that some of those rules are captured (coded) in the framework that collaborators interact in. I would be interested in collaborating to understand your concerns and to see whether I have missed something or can improve something about the system. Do you have some time next week where i could show you some of what i have built and you share your thoughts?

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Sure. I’ll DM you with some contact details.

Maybe you can organise a session we can join online to know more about this project? I’d also be interested. Thanks!


I’m happy to do this. @thystler ?

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Sounds like a lot of fun!
What information is most interesting to you?

  1. Money and asset flows
  2. Governance
  3. Real world deployment
  4. Incentive network features

Do you have time on Thursday 3 - 4 pm (UTC)?
If so I will post a zoom link.

Personally, I am interested in Governance and Real World Deployment, in this order, but maybe we can leave it open in case more people want to join?
Next Thursday many geeks on the UK will be busy because it´s the first day of the Electromagnetic Field (! What about the week after?

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What sort of co-op’s did you have in mind, when you’re talking about a co-op of co-op’s?

What sort of changes do you want to make in the world? :smiley:

Hey Billy,

A project can be anything from setting up a solar farm in the Sahara to webshops to a SAAS product. One of my main goals is to integrate LLCs into the project so communal asset ownership is an option.

I would like to see a decentralization of power and more workers owning the means of production. Overall the most important changes i would like to make is an increase in education and mindfulness. I haven’t figured out how to add mindfulness to the community yet though :slight_smile:

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Ohh that is really good to know. Cards on the table the current design is not a perfect representative democracy but it’s the aspect that I am looking into the most. The week after work, I will create a new thread for the session.

Enjoy the EMF camp it looks awesome.

Will post the thread here also when i create it!

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Hey, I have created a new event here Building a Coop of Coops - Core Network Overview - #2 by dajbelshaw.

Really looking forward to meeting and discussing!

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Great, I’ll make sure I don’t miss it. Thanks!