Next community circle call 26th June - anything for the agenda

Hi Folks

Following our first community circle call 29th May, our next call is scheduled THIS week 26th June. Anyone have anything they want to discuss let me know, or edit the agenda directly here please.

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Thanks for the reminder Annie, there was an existing thread for this call which I have now merged into this thread, see below. I have also pinned this topic to the top of the front page until 16th June at 4pm in order to make it easier for people to find it.

For future reference the new calendar page is a handy way to check if there is an existing thread for an event.

I’m afraid you also duplicated the call wiki page, so I have merged the content from your page into the existing page, I hope that is OK.

See the wiki page for the agenda and the notes of the last meeting.

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Hi Everyone,

Firstly my name is Liam and I am from MediaBlaze Hosts Coop. I will be the coordinator for the next 3 Co-Tech Circle Calls. Nice to meet you :slightly_smiling_face:

Following our first Co-Tech Circle Call on 29/05/19, we made a good start and managed to get 10 of us into the call. Minutes of the previous call are available here:

This time round for our next call on the 26/05/19 at 16:00 GMT, lets aim to double our attendees and hit a quorate!
It’s a great opportunity to make a difference to Co-Tech and support it further with your ideas, thoughts and awesome work.

I have arranged a mailing list to be setup, which I will use to send out notifications of upcoming meetings, along with anything else that requires following up, I promise not to spam you :yum:

If you would like to sign-up or know of anyone that wishes to be informed of our calls please head over to: and subscribe.

In the mean time, please post your comments below and we look forward to the next call!

The agenda for our next meeting is here:

The Next call will be accessible here:

Alternatively, if you face quality issues with the online platform, why not dial in with a good 'ol phone?

Dial the following number applicable to your country:

US: +1.512.402.2718
UK: +44.121.468.3154
France: +
Germany: +49.89.380.38719
Spain: +34.932.205.409
Canada: +1.647.243.6108
Australia: +61.8.7150.1136
Brazil: +55.21.3500.0112
Japan: +81.3.4510.2372
Switzerland: +41.61.588.0496

And enter the Coop-Tech Circle Call PIN, which is: 807580223

Also just a quick reminder to all about London Tech Week!!!


@liam I have reversed the merging and splitting of this topic and hidden the other post in order that the RSVP feature can be tested and to save confusion of having the two posts for the same meeting :slight_smile:

Thanks @chris much appreciated

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Hi All.

I’m in Norfolk on holiday this week so I won’t be able to join the call. I hope it goes well.


Looking forward to it, thank you for making it happen!

Could I add “proposal process proposal” to the agenda? The idea is to ratify the rhythm that has been discussed a bit of “proposal in group circle, then back to the member coops, then vote in the group circle”

Hi @liam
I had a quick chat with @SzczepanOfAnimorph about the CoTech fund and we’d like to propose that a new circle is set up to manage this and that this is for those coops that have contributed to the fund. We can clarify things on the call as I may have missed other details.

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Going to have to give apologies again, despite have previously indicated that I could get along. [Mental note: Clicking the ‘Going’ button is not as good as actually adding it to my calendar.]

HI @aaron noted and definitely should be discussed on next call :slight_smile: @KingMob great idea! let’s make it happen. Is there anything else people wish to discuss?

Hi, I’m Nick, Co-founder (with @KingMob) of Code-Operative in Newcastle. Looking forward to joining the call for the 1st time as our representative today :grinning:

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