CoTech at London Tech Week 2019 (June 10th-14th)



Last year we hosted a party during London Tech Week branded as CoTech. We had a lot of fun, and it attracted quite a lot of new people. For example, we had a few people from various government departments, big tech companies like Microsoft, start-ups etc. Whilst it didn’t turn into million dollar contracts, we have stayed in touch with some of these people, and got quite a bit of feedback that visitors had never heard of co-ops and were really inspired.

Here at Outlandish we would like to propose to host another party again this year. In addition, we propose to run a session (roundtable?) in the afternoon along the lines of “how to find more meaning in your tech career”.

What do other people think about this? Is there anything that other co-ops would like to see this year?

Last year some co-ops were kind enough to chip in some money to help with the event (there’s a cost to going on the LTW programme for example, plus beer etc). If anyone thinks they might be in a position to help out please let me know.

Link to last year’s thread about the event is here:



Brilliant Poly - yes to more partying, and to the session
cheers, Luc from media co-op x


Hey Pol,

A roundtable discussion sounds good, I imagine you know some interesting people who could contribute to this discussion? If you don’t need intersting or expert peeps then one of us could be part of this :slight_smile:
I reckon AC would also be happy to chip in £200 or something (can’t remember hw much we gave last time). And hopefully one / some of us would come down as well.




Thanks @Lucinda

@aaron you’re the most expert and interesting! Think it would be great if you could be at the roundtable. Hopefully if we can show how much we all enjoy our co-ops we’ll set a good example and people will come collaborate.


@polly Go Free Range would be happy to chip in again this year. Let us know when you have an idea of costs.