InfraRed: international independent infrastructure movement

Quick update on international independent infrastructure movement, now known as Infrared:

The InfraRed network now has a website online, finally! It’s generated
from GitLab and Hugo on the RiseUp GitLab instance, and then deployed to

So, if anyone knows any organisations that might be interested in
joining the InfraRed network, here’s the URL:


I’m sure that Webarchitects would be interested in joining but would probably want to know more first, for example, what does joining entail, what commitments in terms of work, time or money are involved? How are decisions made? Who else are members? What are the shared projects? All the talk about communication, transparency and collaboration sounds great but where is it?


It’s still early days for the group, so for example they are not ready to display a list of all the organisations involved yet, though as far as I understand membership is informal (and free!).
If you email they should be able to answer questions & copy you in to their future comms.

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The InfraRed network is made up of organisations from all over the world. Some of the organisations work in contexts where there are very specific, important operational security concerns. Other organisations in the network are much more open about their work and have fewer security and safety concerns. As such, we don’t have anything like a public list of members on the website. But we may get there eventually.

We try to be as transparent as possible in how we work within the network, with an emphasis on building trust and and really thinking about how we work together. The network is very careful about what is published publicly, though.

We are a friendly bunch, so you can write to the email address that Ed mentions above if you want more info. The first step towards joining the network would be to join the InfraRed mailing list. If you’re interested in subscribing to the list, let me know and I can add you, or write to


I sent a email to before you posted the above @imac, I haven’t had a reply yet.