Examples of governing documents / handbooks / constitutions

I’ve been collecting examples of documents that describe how and why other co-operatives work. I’m also interested in the “handbooks” some non-cooperative companies publish, particularly when they discuss collective decision making, workplace democracy and so on. The ones I’ve collected are all broadly in the “tech” sector but I’d be interested in ones outside our industry.

I enjoy reading these things, and I thought others might be interested too. Here’s my list so far - if anyone else has some examples let me know and I’ll add them to the list:


Other tech companies/ networks

More good stuff


More from the Enspiral-verse:

  • Root Systems - coop culture, working on legals
  • Protozoa - forked loomio constitution, gathering governance + agreements
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Find some more in the Internet of Ownership library—choose Type>Bylaws.

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Just had a great conversation with Crisp in Sweden.
Wow their documentation is hot

Choice picks:

  • Happiness Index - solid argument about happiness being a leading metric where financial is a lagging metric
  • Bun Protocol - lead routing for humans
  • Conflict - great metaphors about gravel and moose heads

Bun protocol: A good model for passing around potential work between members of CoTech?

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Bun protocol sounds goiod :slight_smile:

One idea I floated with a few people, at the workers co-op weekend, was having an internal CoTech flat hourly rate – not changing how each co-op charges clients but for work we do for each other or pass around or sub-contract to each other. If anyone is interested in exploring this then perhaps it deserves a separate thread.

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From what I’ve read, I do like the sound and flow of the bun protocol. It’s
the taking responsibility and ensuring you deliver to the client or
companies expectations. Again there’s no harm in requesting assistance
where needed.

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Re: Bun Protocol
The person from Crisp I was talking to emphasised that passing a bun on didn’t involve any commission - since they were maximising happiness, not money. Seems to have built their community well.

Re: subcontracting under other coops
Feels like this would be a good thread all in itself.

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These three handbooks from Hanno covering running the collective, remote working and engineering are interesting.

@chris - I don’t suppose you can see a way of allowing me to edit my original post can you? I think the time limit might have expired.

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@chrislowis I have made the post a ‘wiki’, has that done the trick?


Crossthreading here, but check out DAWN (US Fed of worker coop developers) resources

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I’ve just added a link to the post at the top to Guerilla Transtion’s overview of their Open Co-op Governance Model (an evolution of the Open Enterprise White Paper (.pdf) by Better Means they first read about in my Open Co-ops: Inspiration, Legal Structures & Tools article :slight_smile: )


Read it the other night and was left in awe of the quality and quantity of work that has gone into it. Really very highly recommend read (including following all the links and reading them too!) :slight_smile: